“Lingerie to protect women from sexual attacks” -The naked truth of society!!

Posted on May 7, 2013


Beauty attracts!!” … It’s a universal truth for all men. But when this attraction ends up with a man raping a girl… it hurts. It not only hurts the victim, it also hurts us humans and our society. It makes us men being ashamed of behavior of those few people who belong to our gender.

But then like one billion people of my country, I too can’t do much about this whole issue. I do not like to walk with a candle light in my hands or a banner having “Real men do not rape” written on it. I feel like these are all pointless drama. I feel like these are ways of letting your frustration to come out without expecting any outcome. I hope every man knows that it’s not right to rape somebody. If I have to honestly share my thought then I would say, “Real men do not rape, they let girls to rape them”. I know what I said sounds bit cheap, but it’s what I feel. And I also do not think a soul never rest in peace if thousands of people walk on street holding a candle in their hands  until the justice for her is pending.

But why am I saying all these? Do not have anything better to share here or I want to show my concern for the opposite gender!! Honestly, I am not sure about the answer.

Every day, when I turn the pages of the news paper, I come to know that one more rape in my country. What defers is the age and name of the victim. And it also does not signify that, number of rape cases in India is- “365 cases in 365 days”. I think the number is in multiples. It’s just that the media does not like to sound repetitive just like an author of a book stays away from using the same words again and again to make it salable.

Somehow I’ve started avoiding all these news until I came across a news headline today which was, “Engineering students design lingerie to protect women from sexual attacks”.

I was like, “what the fu**!! Do not these people have anything better to design?” But after all these people tried in their own way to come up with a solution which is feasible.. but I doubt how much is it accessible.

Few weeks earlier, a five-year girl got raped by a man. Then a four-year girl died after someone performed that horrific act on her. And there have been so many similar cases. So I do not think just a garment can protect a gender from the devil act of another gender. In a country where food, medical facilities or some other basic necessities are not accessible in most of the interior parts till now, how could we accept that people living there can access this garment to protect their integrity?

The lingerie is designed in such a way that, “the offender would receive 82 electric shocks and the GPS in it would also alert the exact location to police and intimate one pre-set family member.”

If  this planet having billions of people, thousands of gods, hundreds of holy books could not, then I do not think those 82 shocks would be good enough to stop those men who dare to go against the moral values and humanity.

Seeing all these, I do realize that, “yes science has reached to the next level for sure just like the global temperature; but it worries me seeing how we humans are constantly losing that humanity and responsibility of being the most wonderful creatures in this planet with each passing day just like the icebergs melting in Antarctica area.”

The great American author, Isaac Asimov once quoted, “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” Is not it true!!I do not think, the job of science is- to develop lingerie to protect women from few men; I believe, it’s the job of us human including both men and women to use science as a tool to protect this planet from destruction.

While reading that article, I came to know, “The team’s innovation has already won them  the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation awards.” I am sure, even Mahatma Gandhi’s soul must be feeling ashamed of us that at last we have to come up with such an idea of a garmentto protect women. I am not sure if there would be a day, when we have to come up with an idea of a lingerie to protect whole humanity from those devils in human skins whose numbers is increasing every second, every minute, everyday!!

I am not sure if science is also going to allow all those men who feel they are good enough to rape someone… to come up with a shock-proof condom!!

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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