Posted on July 4, 2020


Who am  I ?

Am I doing it right?

Do I really deserve this?

So many questions like these we ask ourselves. but who will answer these for us.

Most of the times, we and our actions end up giving birth to such questions and we never realize the answers are also hidden inside us and the way we act in different situations.

We know who are we from heart. But somehow we fail the way we want to behave, the way we want to express or the way we want to react. We are intelligent enough to differentiate between right and wrong. But the greed, the emotions, the circumstances that walk with us in parallel do not allow us to stand on the right side of this road called life most of the times.

We never realize the importance of reinventing ourselves time and again as no matter how much we try our personality , our values, our needs are going to change. So yes,  each one of us need to just pause for minutes, hours, months or if required even years just to reinvent and let that person come out from us who act the way we want to act, who express the thoughts roaming inside our head… basically does everything that from deep inside we want to do in all right ways.

Why do we live with so much fear, why do we feel insecure… Why do we choose wrong over right… why do not we hold the humanity within us so tight….

We need to come up with such questions and each one of us is the answer to those. We just need to spend few minutes with our inner-self. Let the hearts speak and minds stay silent…  Dreams fade and reality expresses itself as beautiful as it can.

Lets realize just like we do… people around us also seeking answers to so many questions.

Lets help each other to find the answer to question which are more important than the answers.

As long as, we as humans asking ourselves questions those matter to humanity…

the world is going to stay as beautiful as it is. And who does not appreciate beauty.






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