That 3 am talk

Posted on June 2, 2021


That 3 am talk…
I have with myself too often,
there is no beginning or end
to that conversation.

I let my toughts free
as if they are leaves of a big tree
any ways they can wish to swing in the air,
as if they are now those small fishes
swimming deep in an hungry
and relentless ocean.

It’s just that unfiltered session
my mind, my thoughts calmly have
somewhere in a dark corner.

What is right what is wrong,
The moral values could I follow along,
Or I joined the majority as a coward,
if I played the day with right values,
Or I cheated myself for greed or reward.

If I could survived being me
or I succumbed to the insecurity or inner fear,
if I made someone feel good
or I just lost another one dear
with my anger or adamant behavior.

These thoughts randomly
roam in my mind
as one more time my heart
has to intervene just to reassure,
why are you looking back
When there is another day to correct yourself
as you take another walk
from present to future.

It is the best time of a day,
when the night shelters me
and my soul is calm and near,
darkness hides me
memories hug me
the clock ticks every second on the wall
and the universe talks to me
as if this is the moment …
I have noone to prove, nothing to bother.
It is just me, a beating heart
left with gratitude for this life,
The people , the almighty…
and everything to me they offer.

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