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15 years later… From the 10th floor

February 27, 2023


Year 2008… Date 27th Feb… I had arrived in this beautiful city of Bangalore with low in confidence that was normal for a small town Indian boy as a teenager, engineering graduate to start a career in IT with a hope to earn atleast 25000 a month which seemed a lot at that point of […]

Sequel to Memory

January 5, 2014


A couple of days earlier, I watched a movie called, “Before Sunset”. It’s a sequel to a movie called, “Before Sunrise”. I haven’t seen the first one yet though. The movie goes like this; a young American man (Hawke) and a young French woman (Delpy) meet on a train and spend one night in Vienna. Nine […]

Race of dreams, hopes and needs!!!

June 12, 2013


Competition is something which I always hate. Does not matter if it was to decide who came first in the class during my schooling days or to get a job these days or to pull few people aside while entering one of my legs inside the local buses on busy Indian street. When  2.5 billion […]

“Lingerie to protect women from sexual attacks” -The naked truth of society!!

May 7, 2013


“Beauty attracts!!” … It’s a universal truth for all men. But when this attraction ends up with a man raping a girl… it hurts. It not only hurts the victim, it also hurts us humans and our society. It makes us men being ashamed of behavior of those few people who belong to our gender. […]

Celebration of Diwali in India

November 14, 2012


Yesterday was Diwali, the most beautiful and colorful festival of India. And today all the media both print and electronic media of my country are busy spreading the headline “Air Pollution & noise pollution increased In India on Diwali day.” And nothing new with that, every year the shame headline finds it place in all […]

Thought beyond Imagination

October 27, 2012


I was born and brought up in a conservative family, living in a small town of India. The adjective conservative was not required to define any family living in small towns of India. Like every other kid, I was also brought up seeing women wearing sarees and salwar comeez. Things are no more the same […]

Two different paths, two great people once walked!

October 21, 2012


When I took admission for the course of Computer Science & Engineering, I had never touched a computer with my own hands by then. I know it’s hard to believe for people who live in much developed places, but it’s true. As a small town boy, we did have neither the infrastructure nor adequate equipment as […]

Blog for Change this weekend: Female Foeticide

May 12, 2012


In African she is called as Moeder or Ma, in Arabic Ahm, in Croatian Mati or Majka, in Czech Abatyse, In dutch Moer, in Indonesian Induk or Ibu, In Italian Madre, In Japanese Okaasan or Haha, in Latin Mater, in Persian Madr or Maman, In Spanish Madre, in Turkish Anne, In Engilsh Mother or Mama […]