15 years later… From the 10th floor

Posted on February 27, 2023


Year 2008… Date 27th Feb… I had arrived in this beautiful city of Bangalore with low in confidence that was normal for a small town Indian boy as a teenager, engineering graduate to start a career in IT with a hope to earn atleast 25000 a month which seemed a lot at that point of time. Standing across the road, arrived much before the schedule just prove the point I was punctual I was looking at this hotel from the other side of the road as it was the only thing that was visible and was out of my reach.

Four months later , I quitted the job.. reason I felt cheated as the company paid me 6500 Indian rupees, though I never tried to figure out I was salable at what best price. I left the city, went back to the place where I belonged.. past tense is wrong .. I still believe i belong to that place only . A small town , with no traffic, every alternate face I come across knows me.

I did not blame the company, nor thought too much what happened. Just subconsciously knew what I was lacking. The first line in English I spoke failed to express what I meant… The first walk inside office promise I took that failed to impress people top in hierarchy… The first professional trust I ever had on someone with some kind of authority that ended up being a mess… These events made me realise I was a good product but not salable yet and I was not market ready.

Every vehicle takes its own journey, the journey its driver takes. Likewise every life chooses its own path. I had chosen mine with honesty, hardwork and lots of anger within since then. No point in writing those twist and turns as it is always misleading for another driver to make a judgement upon the experience of another driver. Drive your own life till it reaches a destination worth taking a photograph.

Slowly and steadily, from noone to someone I covered that journey. Standing from the other side of the road waiting for the time to clock so that I will enter that small office on the second floor of the building and watching this huge hotel infront… To sitting on the 10th floor of the same hotel years later looking at that same building with not a single light on… these grey beard makes me realise time has changed and I have aged.

Is not it beauty of life… It moves in circles.. and no one is a winner a loser permanently. Don’t try to prove a point, do not be inspiring… Don’t be a winner… Just be good… Be honest… Be patient… Life will drive itself for you.. smoothly… And will help you experience both side of road.

From 10th floor

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