Dilemma of Life

Posted on May 7, 2021


From movie Before midnight

Is not it true when we were kids and we had to wake up at 5:30 am get ready for the tuitions, go to school do the home work… It was like our life was controlled by others and we just wanted to grow up as early as possible. Then comes phase some one gifts us a wallet and our parents start buying us full pants and a watch … and we feel we have grown up. when we find the wallet not filled with papers that can buy us many things we desire or allow us to do things like many other families can afford… We just wanted to grow up. To summarise we just badly wanted to go beyond those struggles, pain, disappointment, bitterness and to our immature minds growing up fast and aging the only solution we could think of.

Now that we have grown up we have things we have always desired to own, we can easily afford the food we want to have, the dress we want to wear, the gadgets we want to make part of our life… And we look back at our past. Suddenly everything that seemed wrong in our life starts to look right.. they just bring smiles to us. We just think about that 10 Rupee note and how we used to share it among our friends, that girl in school or college and how she made you realize yes violin starts playing and heart does beat faster when someone comes infront of you. We do not think about the ending of such stories. No matter if love found its way or it was just destined to destroy you. It all comes to those beautiful moments now. Rest just starts fading away from the memory. You do not remember how many backlog you had in engineering, but you remember how happy you were the day she proposed you. You do not remember how both of you messed things up, but you just remember writing your first poetry with a glass of beer on your study table. It all looks beautiful. You do not remember how you survived in a big city with money less than a village farmer earns… But you smile remembering the things you bought for your mother with your first savings.
Yes this is the beauty of life, we are in a stage of our lives where we just want everything to slow down and calm. Seems like we have seen it all. Truth is it will not. That’s life… We just need to move on and on.

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