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Few words for all Perfect Women

March 9, 2018


Men are mostly immature, aimless, vulnerable, strong from outside but weaker inside. They love to flow in every direction randomly. In the process never realize when they end up giving birth to a void inside their own souls and that with time fills with regrets, mistakes, loneliness. Like a perfect twist in every story … during […]

Two Hearts Many Parts

July 20, 2015


Hello everyone,   A couple of years back, I wrote a small story in my blog, without having any idea if anyone would like it or not. I just thought of writing it and wrote. With each word of appreciation coming from every single person who read it and liked it helped me to add […]

A Man from Earth

February 3, 2014


A man takes longer to mature than a woman. His body grows just like a coconut tree; still he never realizes that his strong muscular body is incapable of giving shades to others. He stretches his arms and swings with the fluctuating human emotions just like a coconut tree bends its body when a storm […]