Holding you in my arms~~

Posted on May 6, 2013



When everything in life seems pointless,

Be it failure, pain, gain or  success.

When nothing makes you happy and you start smiling less,

Come to my place,

I will be waiting for you…

With open arms…

Not to make fun of you or to ask few questions new

But to help you in rediscovering yourself

While taking away from you all your bitterness and stress.

I will be holding your hand just to make you feel safe,

And try my best to keep you away from,

Ache, hurt, sting, twinge and tenderness…

Grief, sorrow, anguish, ache, agony and soreness.

I will not lie and say that now I’ve grown up,

Just to prove you wrong…

as you used to believe I lacked maturity in my past tense,

I will not sound arrogant while proving my intelligence,

I still remember how much it hurts you to hear God has gifted you with something less.

But believe me,

When I say….

I will hold you tight in my arms and make you feel loved, appreciated and important.

It does not mean that I’ve solved the mystery of life,

and learned how to spread smiles.

It’s just because you are the one who once helped me in experiencing,

“Life does not always offer a second chance to mend a heart”…

When it breaks…


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