“I Wish and Hope” Free download on 14th December!

Posted on December 13, 2012


I do not know exactly how many of you have already  read my book. But I think still there are many of you who have not read it yet.

So here is a Christmas gift from my side to you all (although it’s for my book promotion, but it sounds good when I say Christmas gift; is n’t it!). I am going to make my book “I wish and hope” kindle version available for free on 14th December 2012. If you do not have a kindle device then also you can read it by downloading it to your Iphone, IPad. You can use the Amazon app in your IPad or Iphone to download this book for free.

But if any of you plan to buy it, then you do not need to visit my book’s kindle page on 14th; it’s not a good place to visit that day. 🙂 Jokes apart, honestly I want most of you to read this book; so that you people can make me realize my strengths, weaknesses as a writer and again it will help my book to reach more and more people.

Although I could not make paperback version of my book free, but now Amazon is giving discount on it too and now it’s much cheaper. Then if I will make every thing free then I can’t also live drinking water and breathing air. So I hope you can realize that.

And if you can then pass on this message to all those people who are in touch with you about this book’s free promotional event through your blog or any other social network site. I will appreciate that. I want to reach as many people as I can with this free distribution of my book’s kindle version.

Here is the link- http://www.amazon.com/I-Wish-and-Hope-ebook/dp/B00AJVTV0K


“I wish and Hope” kindle version free download on 14th December

If you can then spread the words with your friends, relatives, neighbors! 🙂

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