What happens when a blogger becomes a writer

Posted on December 10, 2012


Since one year I am writing, writing and writing more. I may not be the best writer, but what I feel is that I write those words which are important to this society we are part of and important to the world where we live in. I never ever thought of writing from my mind, because I knew there are millions of people who do that. From day one, I’ve written those words which were close to my heart. I believe sometimes hearts realizes importance of every aspect of our lives more than the mind. But for that, we need to honestly accept the thoughts those come from our hearts without caring much about the end result or if those are right or wrong. Because I know if I will publish my book here in my country, it will create unnecessary controversies. Because few people living here do not have the courage to accept the truth and reality. I did not want that to happen so once I completed writing my book, I realized that now I’ve to concentrate on its business aspect. Because I knew, I may not ever come up with a book if this would not be a success. I also realize that, I took the tough call to publish it in those countries where there are not many people whom I know personally. So I know it would be difficult task for me to promote and market my book. But somehow I believe in you and thank God you people did not disappoint me.

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But I am glad that I’ve people like Lisa, Elyse, Hippie, Deborah, Judy, Maxi, Sir Charles  who helped me and supported me during this journey of publishing my first book. Then there is people like Melissa and Renee who continuously tried their best to convince me that I could write a book too. It was a wonderful gesture and I really appreciate it. These people always support me, so I think I do not need to say thank you to them. I believe all of them know how much I love and respect them.

Now for the first time with all the pride in my voice I can say that, “I am a published author now”; and now for the first time, someone from a country which I’ve never visited before, send me a mail after reading my book and appreciate my work. It’s very inspiring and motivating for sure. while writing that book my motive was to share something good and real. It might not be entertaining but it should be important for us as humans to realize how another human is living his life. We can’t always close our eyes and say, “we are not responsible for him or her. Can we? That’s the question I want to ask you throughout the book.

From a blogger to a writer, this journey was beautiful. I’ve learned lots of things during this journey. Now I do not smoke much, because I realize if I could smoke less than I would buy a book which will do justice to the effort of a writer who gives his soul, heart and mind for one year. Few days earlier I bought a book “The greats gatsby” at the cost of a packet of cigarettes. Yes both of them costs Sixty Indian rupees. And I am happy that I made the right choice. I know this comparison is not good; because I am comparing the worth of an addiction to the labor of a person. But I think it’s fair. Because now I realize as an author if you think you can write, then you must be feeling the pain a writer goes through to write a book both physically and mentally. And now as a smoker I realize if I will smoke less and buy effort of a person who has given it everything he has then there is nothing wrong.

But as every person has his own opinion and we need to accept it. So I will leave it to you, if you want to smoke more or read more! Now back to my own book. A couple of days earlier I had a chat with my mom. For the first time, I could feel that now she is proud of me. She said me that, she is proud of me because I am living my grandfather’s dream. As most of you know that, my grandfather could never publish his book due to some personal reasons although what I heard about him suggests that he was a really intelligent person. But like every mother in this world she too wants me to settle down now by getting married and having kids. Although I told her that for next five years I am not going to do that, but somewhere deep inside my heart I want to make her happy, so who know may one day when I feel that now I am ready to take that responsibility and I’ve enough money to spend on the expenditures of my family members I may get married. But that would be a tough call, so let’s leave it.  But the funniest part was, as she is in US and she has seen my book, so the only thing she did not like about my book was the picture of mine on the back cover. As a woman of 1950, she too wants her son to make public appearance with clean shave look.  And I am really sorry that I disappointed her. If any of you who has bought my book, must be realizing which part of the book I am talking about., But I want to ask you, am I not looking handsome in that picture! But who can make these mothers understand that, things have changed a lot from their time. But yes if this book will be successful one day and if I am going to write my next book then I will make sure I am going to insert a picture of mine with clean shave look. Because now I’ve realized that a mother can’t think and see anything other than her own son.

Now I honestly do not know how far my book will go and how much it will earn. Because What I’ve learnt during this whole self publishing process is that once you publish your book you have to behave like a salesman to sell your thought. Few days earlier I was reading an article of a self published author, whose book is now one among the best-selling books and one of the biggest Hollywood production house is making a movie on it; he has written that, “The first thing and the last thing you need to do as a self publish author is to reach as many people as possible to let them judge you and your work. ” I believe to a great extent that’s true. In billions of book which are already there available, why someone would buy my book unless and until it’s something different.

Somehow I agree with him, like hundreds of other writers.  I am shy; so I know how much painful it’s going to be for me to praise my book with my mouth. So if any of you who have not my bought my book yet, want to review my book then do let me know. I will try to arrange something for you; so that, my book’s going to reach a large number of reader.

PS:- For next few days, my book is available at Amazon at the cost of $10.99. I do not want you people to pay any extra fee for the shipping, so I’ve cut down my royalty. So if you want then have your copy soon.

And all my blogging friends living in Asia, I am not going to tell you to buy it from Amazon, because it will cost you much more than my book actually worth  So wait for few more days I am trying to make it available here as soon as possible. I do realize that every single penny counts, so I will never tell you people who live in the same time zone to buy it from Amazon.

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