Wishing all the happiness!

Posted on October 8, 2012


Today is the birthday of one of the people whom I love, respect and admire the most. And just like past few years, neither can I arrange a party for her, nor can I gift her something as now I live in another part of the same country. Although like every year, I can wish her all the happiness in the world. Among those people whom I know in real world, no one deserves more happiness than this wonderful person whom god has gifted me as my sister.


I always believe a house becomes home, when the people who live there being part of a family tie each other with a thread of love, respect and understanding. And since my birth I’ve seen my sister acting as that thread who ties all the family members together. At this point of time, our generation is in its transition phase. Most of my siblings are married now, and somehow busy with their new families. There were days, when we used to live in a home, where rooms were not enough for the people living there. Still we had no problem in sharing our beds or those stuffs which used to belong any of us with those people whom we love. But today most of the people prefer privacy over togetherness, money over happiness, duty as a son, brother or husband over success. But just like me, my sister believes and prioritizes things in the other way.


It would not be wrong if I would have said that, my sister is the reason behind creating that kind human being in me, who is now occasionally, feels afraid to come out in this real world. As I see now people value goodness less, consider kindness as only an expression nothing else. Still every time a person in my family needs me I gather enough strength in me to make sure I will be there for him/her without much caring about how much it will hurt me in the long run. Every time an elder person wants to spend time with me, I never find myself busy. I believe I can work and earn money rest of my life and I hope my lifeline is as long as I imagine. But these are the people who will not ask for my time, attention after few more years. I prefer to live a life without few materialistic things which money can buy than to live a life with regret of not fulfilling wishes of those people who gave me everything without even asking for anything. I believe money and its power can never buy me anything which can replace or help me in getting rid of that regret of not doing much for those people who made me what I am today. And my sister is the one who passed on these beliefs to me. Just like me she too believes blessings do count and I have a strong belief that one day I will prove her and both of our ideology right.


Now like every other grown up person in this world, we are also busy with our respective lives. Now as all other housewives of my country, she remains busy with her cooking and like every youth of my country, I stay busy searching for that all important key to success. She lives in a city, where people say that city never sleeps. And I live in a city where it’s hard to sleep due to the heat and the weather condition. In last few years, with few failures I’ve seen people separating their paths and people giving so many advises to me. Here is one person who stood by my side, trying her best to bring that confidence back in me with her words which reach my ears through the receiver of my phone. She keeps on telling me I need to control my anger and my emotion. And honestly I am working on getting rid of these two weaknesses of mine. And the funniest part is I respect my brother-in-law a lot as he is a self-made man just like my brother; who achieved everything by his own hard work and intelligence. But that respect has given birth to a fear in me.  I am so much afraid of him that, out of respect my voice reaches to its lowest level every time I talk to him and my legs vibrate as if in next few minutes it’s going to slide making path for me to enter in to that surface of earth. So every time I have to talk with my brother-in-law, my sister tries her best to inject that courage in me to talk with that person whom I respect a lot. She is actually the thread of love in our family, the bridge of every relationship and the inspiration for every kid of our next generation.


After 27 years since I was born, nothing much changed in the bond I share with my sister. It is as strong as it was few years earlier. I think now it’s even more stronger than what it was, because now I realize her worth as a person more due to the increase in maturity level in me. I know that her blessings are always with me that will help me to become a better person with time. The only thing that has changed with time is that now I am taller than her.  


Jokes a part, the truth is that she inspires, she motivates, she loves and she cares not only me but each member of our family. She is the only person in the world with whom I can never argue with. If someone argues with her, then it’s always that person who is wrong. If someone tries to make her smaller in other’s eye; then by doing so that person is going to make herself smaller in others eyes. There are very few people in the world, who reach so close to perfection as a human being. And she is one among those rare god gifted people.   


I do not want my next generation to get inspired by someone who is successful. I believe they are the luckiest of kids, who can get inspiration from someone so wonderful in our own family. There are very few people in the world, who prove themselves as a good son/daughter, a good brother/sister, a good husband/wife, a good father/mother, a good son-in-law/daughter-in law and most importantly as a good human being. My sister is one of them.


I just want her to get all happiness in life, because she deserves it. She gave happiness to everyone surrounding her & that process is still going on and I know that process will never stop. As people say every action has an equal reaction. So I am sure she is going to get all the happiness in her life too. She  is now blessed with two wonderful kids and I am sure they are going to give her the love, happiness she really deserves throughout this journey of life.


Lastly Sanaapa (what I call my sister), wish U a very Happy Birth Day!!

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