Life with you and without you!

Posted on September 29, 2012


I never knew how much I love you,

Until I left you.

I never realized how much it hurts to live a life without you,

Until I hurt you.


It was as if an emptiness I was living with,

It was as if a painful loneliness I was dealing with,

It was a feeling as if,

The soil which lies beneath me

Slid the moment I left you.


It was a tear I was trying to hide,

It was a smile I was trying to fake,

While I was trying to live a life without you.;

When I saw you were not there for me,

I tried and did everything possible to forget you;

but I came out as helpless as,

holding a tie in my hands I  used to wait for you.

I still find it difficult to tie knot,

I still find it difficult to remember and keep the handkerchief in my pocket;

but no one could ever reach that much close to feel me without opening her eye,

or no one could find her place in my locket.


It was a regret that was making life impossible,

Until I tried to see you in someone else,

Until I tried to give smile on someone else’s face,

Until I tried to find that happiness in someone else’s smile,

Until I followed the illusion leaving the reality behind,

Without sorting out few differences between me and you.


The moment I used the same words for someone else,

As I used to say to you, which were, “I love you”;

I realized in someone else I could never find you.

Someone else could never smile as beautifully as you used to do;

Someone could never leave me again,

With leaving beautiful moments few.


I know these day, I am not that much active with my blog. I am really sorry about that. I was down with fever. I hope I will come up with something good enough to post here soon. These are few words, which I typed on my cell phone while I was traveling in a train. See you all soon. 🙂


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