Being Arindam’s1st anniversary!!

Posted on September 20, 2012


A big “Thank You!” for all the support
It’s grueling for me to believe that my blog is now one year old. It’s a special moment. And let me thank you all wonderful people once again for the unconditional support during those last 365 days. While I started blogging I needed people to read my words. I am not among those people, who believe they hardly care about readers; they want to write that’s why they write. I respect their feelings, as every individual holds different opinion on the same thing. But what I still believe is that, if I had to go with that attitude, then I would have kept on writing dairies, just the way I was doing in past 26 years of life.
I started blogging to reach a group of people, who would value my thought and either appreciate it or criticize it. I have no problem facing criticism, until they are fair and not fraudulent. After all I am here, not only to get a list of readers; but also to learn from you all wonderful writers.
And I am glad I was never disappointed in past one year of my life. You people supported me, inspired me and made each moment I spent here really special & memorable. It has been a wonderful experience for a young man, who still gets confuse while using passive voice in sentence. It has also been a wonderful experience for me to fight with destiny and the unfair rules of the world, taking so many people’s blessings and good wishes. Being an engineer, the term engine holds a lot of importance in my life; and thanks to you all the word “write” is now somehow replaced the importance of the word “engine” from my life making it as “Writer“. It feels great that now I live with my two loves; “Engine” and “Write”. And all the credit for this goes to you all. You people help me learn every aspect of this creative process. I know the learning phase is not over yet; and I am sure it will never end. So I hope and wish all of your company throughout this journey. I am sure you people are not going to leave the hands of a weaker student.
I was about to publish my first book today; but as always I am late due to some unavoidable reasons. Who knows, might be this time destiny is planning things in right order for me, as my Mother is going to visit USA next month. So might be destiny wants her to bless the first copy of my book. As you all know, I am never afraid of speaking something honestly. So yes, I am bit nervous and excited thinking about the response I am going to get for it. But yes I do realize that, some kind of miracle is not going to happen; I am not going to be a millionaire within next few days or people are going to ask for my autograph on streets. But yes like every other writer, I too expect that to happen. I too want it to do well, so that it will be easier for me to publish and promote my first novel which I am publishing next year. I have been living with those characters since past 3 years of my life. I hope one more time; your blessings will make things easier for me.
I know thanking you, is not enough in return to the time you spend reading my posts or sharing your thoughts. But yes if someday, I can create something worth a mention; believe me I will never forget to thank you all. You are the people, who help me to see the world and its people with a different perspective. Most importantly thanks a lot for letting me “being Arindam” and giving me a reason for being proud of “being Arindam”.
Love you all… May god bless you with all the happiness, success, peace and all the materialistic things to make your life a comfortable one…
With lots of Love & good wishes!!
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