Let’s fall in love…. this Christmas!!

Posted on December 21, 2011


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Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life,  Love gives us a fairy tale.                                                                               – by Anonymous –

The most common word and the most difficult word to define is “LOVE”. Love of a mother for her child, love of a sister for her brother, love of a girl for her boyfriend, love of a wife for her husband all can be defined differently. It’s a different thing that, it’s very difficult to define love of a wife for her husband, as there love does not really exist. 😉 You married people do not get angry. I was just joking. Yes in that relationship love also exist, but that one I am going to talk about it in some other post (But for that you have to wait till i will get married ;)).

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As a teenager, i loved watching romantic movies, as it was taking me to a different world; a world of dreams, a world of emotions, a world where everything looks different and beautiful. it may not be reality; but, Who wants to care about, if this kind of world exist or not; who wants to care about, if this kind of love story happens in real life or not; What if a person can’t kiss his girlfriend for the first time under the Eiffel Tower just like the hero did? Why we need to let France government decide, if it will permit us visa to enjoy that moment of a lifetime? Yes ,place hardly matters, only emotions matters. Why not to give a chance to a place which is an ordinary one, witness the best moment of our lives and make it the best place for us in the whole world?

In a romantic movie, when a young boy & young girl meet, then in no point of time both fall in love with each other. Although on their first meeting lots of special effects going to occur for sure; just like a wind which will blow the girls hair to make her look more beautiful, a very romantic background music bound to play at the boy’s ear which is enough to give a signal that now it’s time to fall in love (Neither i am sure who play them, nor i ever tried to know)  and if their first meeting happens during evening then moon light is going to be extra bright. Now under so many positive scenario a young boy and girl are going to fall in love . I am  not sure who is responsible for those two people falling in love; The boy, the girl, the god, all of them or none of them. One thing for sure as Sir Newton quoted once that, “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love”.

Then the boy has to propose the girl getting down on his knees with a ring in his hand. And if he can’t afford a ring, then he can do it with a flower instead of a ring. It’s not a big deal, as in love stories only emotions matter. I know you are thinking that, now-days in love gifts also do matter. But if you are thinking that, then I am really sorry to say you that- you are with wrong person. That musical instrument which played in your ear was played by mistake. So just ignore it, and wait for the next time when all those special effects going to happen in your life again. 🙂

Love Story (Taylor Swift song)

Now while proposing the girl, The boy has to be on his knees, until the girl make sure that yes that boy deserves an affirmative reply from her. But the most important thing here is that boy must not wait for that girl to pull him up from ground with love. He has to get up by his own, as girls usually love boys on their knees. 😉 As a girl knows that this moment,when a boy on his knees trying her to convince how much he loves her happens once in a lifetime. So a girl  will not miss this kind of a chance to prove her worth in front of a boy.  Then the love story starts.

Now moon light somehow looks more brighter and beautiful. Although i am not sure if the moon makes everything looks brighter or the love in those two young people’s eyes helps everything look brighter. Now they start giving value to valentine day more than their country’s independence day. Now the girl will bring back the boy’s belief in god.  And the most important thing going to happen is if the boy is addicted to any bad habit like smoking. Then now he has to quit it for sure. No do not think that, govt. is going to charge a person fine, if he is smoking having a girlfriend. 🙂 Actually how can a person smoke again; when a beautiful girl having a sweet voice, with all the emotions in the world asks him to quit it? 

Love Love Love

But do these things really happen in real life?  Does it really possible to propose a girl getting on your knees, without caring about other people present there? Does it look dirty to walk with a girl in rain without an umbrella in your hand? Do we look like cartoons, while looking at the moon and imagining a girls face in it? Do we make fool of ourselves by doing these kind of stuffs? May be not; what’s bad in doing these stuffs. If someone making a person feel how much she means to him then nothing wrong in this. Why would he care about other people? You can’t wait for next birth to do these things . So what’s bad in doing these now?  You have one life to live, one life to love & one life to experience all those things which you want to experience, but you never did. So break all the rules & start falling in love :)… Let’s enjoy the beauty of love this season. Lets spread love on the special occasion of “Christmas”, the festival of love, joy & celebration… 

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