The Rudolph Award! A simple way to say Thank You!

Posted on December 20, 2011


None of us write blogs to get money or with any such selfish intentions. We write for a little bit attention, a little bit appreciation and a little bit recognition; more than any thing else it’s for self satisfaction. Still none of us is perfect. Sometimes we all commit mistakes while writing a post. Still we help each other in learning the art of writing, photography or any other form of creativity. More than anything else, it helps  us grow as a human being, by going through the posts of our fellow bloggers, who belong to a different country, a different society and may be having a different thought process. Some time we may agree and sometimes may not. Still it gives us a chance to ask some questions to ourselves and to others, for our betterment. And when someone appreciate our work, it simply feels great.

When we see some of our old visitors do not visit us, it gives us a wake up call, that might be we are lacking something. I will not lie saying that, this does not hurt. Yes it hurts, but it motivates us to improve our skills. Similarly when someone hit a like, give a comment or an award; it really feels great. It gives us a feeling that at least there is someone in this whole world, who thinks i am doing something good. And believe me, it’s not a small thing by any means.

So with all these good intention, i am going to follow the rules of this “Rudolph Award”.

It’s an award or i will say  a medium to thank  those people, who motivate us, who inspire us, who help us. It’s one more way to appreciate their work.

The Rudolph Award-

I  was awarded with ‘The Rudolph  award’ by “Mj Monaghan, author of the blog Mj Monaghan… Thoughts and Musings on 15th December 2011 .

This award is special to me because,  on the same day, god has given me the most precious gift. Which i am going to disclose with in few days.

What is Rudolph Award-

  • This award is to spread some holiday cheer by giving back to the givers. There are so many bloggers, who give so much.Whether it’s to your families, friends, community, your fellow bloggers, and/or to your craft – art, writing, photography, etc. So it’s just a way to thank those people.

Rules For This Award-

  • Step ONE

Recognize two bloggers who:
1. Always give encouragement to others, by being a guiding light in the blogosphere.

2. Give tirelessly to their blogs and posts by sacrificing their time and talent; throwing out their deepest emotions, whether in words, art, photography, or another form.
3. Lend a hand to help fellow bloggers make their blogs even better.


In a post – it can be a short or long one – simply link at least two bloggers who you feel meet that criteria and why.


Copy and paste the image URL of the flashing “Rudolph Award” into the Image Widget of your blog.

My Nomination for this award –

1. “Münchow’s Creative Photo Blog” by Munchow

2. Addie 

Addie shared something really important in a post of her blog “DONATIONS FOR SENDONG VICTIMS”. Please visit this one.

Congrats to these two fellow bloggers of mine.

Let’s start the process of saying thank you to our fellow bloggers, who give their times and efforts to give us something to cheer about, and who makes their presence feel by giving their valuable suggestions for enhancement of our blogs.

NB:- Previously I nominated Jake for this award. But as he has lots more other awards to deal with, so as per his request i am nominating someone else, who is according to me equally deserving for this award.

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