Judging a book by Author’s picture

Posted on October 22, 2013


Some people say, “Never judge a book by its cover.” I agree. But then, I confess I do… I really do judge a book by its cover. And I also believe many of us do. What if I would say, “Never judge a book by its author’s photo on the back cover!” How many of you would agree to me on this.

How you look…. how much it matters! I believe it matters depending on what that person wants to do or which profession he wants to choose. This question never appears in my mind while I wrote more than two hundred fifty posts in my blog, or even when I self published my first book.

This question only came to my mind, only after I decided to go with traditional publishing for my first novel. It’s only then I realized some publishers want the author’s photo as part of the proposal. That left me wondering, why is it so important to check, if the author’s face is presentable or not. After all he is not an actor or a rock star. His work would never be judged considering how he looks in front of the camera while giving an interview or how he carries himself when he marks his presence on stage.

But then after talking to many people I realized these are all part of the process for the next generations of young writers; who have to promote themselves and their books on the social networking site, who have to visit various Engineering and Management colleges to create an impression in minds  hearts of those hundreds of people present inside that podium. And yes, it’s quite impossible to create an impact with just 140 characters on a follower or to make your presence unforgettable in front of hundreds or thousands of people with just a ten minutes speech. This is when the face value matters. And it was my mistake to categorize those publishers as fools who ask for photographs of the author.

I was actually a fool who never realized what some great brains working in publishing world caught so easily. How could I forget once I too bought a book just by seeing the female author’s picture on the back cover! Then I had a huge crush on her and I am still unable to get rid of that. I was about to type the name of the author for you all ( I consider you all my extended family… you people know that 😉 ) …. But then I pressed the delete key few times, until I erased her name completely from here….

Here’s another thing I have learnt and implementing in my life these days. Now I am bit cautious on what I say or what I write on a public domain. Who knows someday, I would find a small empty space to fit in that list of next generation of writers. And I do not want someone else to tell that lady, I have talked about her in my blog. Some words sound better when you tell them with your own mouth to that person for whom they are intended.

Have you ever bought any book, just because you found the author good-looking or smart?

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