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Posted on August 1, 2013


When I started blogging, I met a fellow blogger with one of her freshly pressed post. She is a wonderful writer,  and TV news reporter ….and anchor…. and the list continues. More than all these credits adding  to her name it’s something really wonderful that she feels proud of being a mother of two beautiful kids.

Melissa  shares her experiences of being a mother and being a wife with her blog “Writing for Daisies“. Her words are so powerful and enchanting  that they never fail to touch heart of her readers. I feel really happy that now she has decided to share her stories with the world by publishing her first children book “Sometimes the moon”.

You can check more on her book @amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Sometimes-Moon-Melissa-Morse/dp/0985679336/

or else in her blog- http://writingfordaisies.wordpress.com/my-books/

Click on the picture for the book description and other details

Click on the picture for the book description and other details

I can guarantee all of you who visit my blog, that she will not disappoint you with her book. She is one of those rare fellow bloggers whom I consider as real friends.

She keeps on inspiring me with her words she left for me in my blogs comment section and that inspiration from her and few of other wonderful writers helped me a lot as I allowed that small writer in me to nurture with time.

Now I am sure she will inspire you all in the same way with her words. Check out her book and let kids whom you love enjoy her words by gifting them this summer or winter (depending on the place where you live).

Wishing you a great journey ahead, Melissa; with this book and many others to come.

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