Urge to Write

Posted on August 14, 2013


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

I remember during our young days, after watching a romantic movie inside a theater, we used to say that, “Hey! Our own life stories are better than this one.” I am sure my friends were not the only ones who believed so. Even today, hundreds of young people believe that they have many stories deep inside them those need to come out. Unfortunately, once we grow up, the surrounding changes, priorities change and we somehow forget that we always wanted to tell something to the world.

But does it hurt us while living rest of our lives without sharing that story which we once thought was good enough to share with the world. I am not sure about everyone; but I believe it hurts many of us. If not, then why do hundred blogs add everyday to the millions which are already there? Why do hundreds of new books come to the market considering billions of books are already there?

At some point of time, we all feel the urge to scream at someone, to shout out really loud, to laugh until the tears come out. Similarly a point comes in our life when willingly we start telling that untold story which we bear inside us.

I started writing my first fiction book few months back, after I felt the urge to tell a story. Honestly I do not have any such knowledge about building characters, settings, point of view or even conflicts. I started pressing keys of my keyboard and gave birth to people who were quite similar to those people whom I met in my life and left a strong impression on me. Then I allowed them to talk to each other just like I do in my daily life. After a point of time, I felt like the characters which I created in a fictional world were now part of my life.

Now when I am approaching towards the end of my book, I feel like after few months I have to separate my path from all these people, who have lived with me inside my mind for almost past one year.  It’s not easy to give all your free time to  people who live in an imaginary world and who can never  be there for you when you will need them. But there is something so wonderful in the process of creating a fictional world, I enjoyed every single moment I spent there after creating it.

Like all of you I too wonder, what is so special with telling a story that now I do not feel the need to invest my free time on roaming with friends on streets, watching movies inside a theater. I felt in love with someone for the last time, when I was so young and immature that my intelligence used to fall short while deciding which color dress suits me and which does not. After that, I have never found the right girl to experience love again. Now after so many years, I could hardly stop myself falling in love with the female character of my story  whom I have created with my  vision and my words.

Is not this the beauty of storytelling and writing? But a person can see that beauty only when he feels tired of living with that agony of bearing an untold story inside him.

Do not you have an untold story inside you? If yes, are you ready to share it with the world?

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