A smile that made my day!

Posted on August 1, 2012


People say that, the toughest job in this world is to spread the smiles. I do agree. But there are people whose smiles are so beautiful, that they automatically bring smiles to the other’s face.

I met such a kid, whose smile I am going to remember forever. Neither I know him nor I had ever met him before. I went to a village near my hometown, and seeing some cows grazing  in a near field. I went there to photograph them. When I was done, and about to enter the car, I could hear a kid shouting from a long distance- “bhai, mora bi gote photo uthao!” (in my mother tongue he was saying, brother take one picture of mine too). Then one more kid came seeing me talking to one of his friends.

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To be honest, I never argue with kids ; I just love them seeing happy. My biggest regret in my life is, I do not have a younger brother as I am the youngest of my generation.  I see every young kid as my younger brother. So I took some of his pictures. But I never knew that, he would gift me such a beautiful smile which would be hard for me to forget.  I am sharing these pictures with you all, so that his smile will be able to travel across the globe. I hope just like me his smile will help some beautiful faces to turn in to smiling faces.

I know, I may not meet these kids again through out this journey called life. Still all my good wishes and blessings will always be with them.  I am not sure about the dreams in their eyes, because everyone does not born with the luxury to dream. I am not even sure life will help them to stay innocent, because after a point of time, life takes that innocence out of all its people.

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