Can shoes be the reason for a better tomorrow!

Posted on March 26, 2012


Shoes in their racks

When I was a kid, we did not have that luxury to choose from many pairs of shoes. We only had one pair of shoes at a time. We had to live with that one, until it gets damaged or stolen by someone. So you could realize what would be the value of a pair of new shoes for us in those days. During those days, Even when we were praying to god inside a temple, with our new pair of shoes outside the temple; the first thing we were praying, “Please God! keep an eye on our shoes lying outside your temple, and do not let a thief to take it away from us and after that our prayer used to start”. So although now I have many pairs of shoes, still I value shoes as much as I used to value them during my childhood days.

So from past few years, a new trend which started made me think. It made me think to such an extent that it gave birth to an Oscar winning post like this one. (I know Oscar people do not give awards to posts, but it sounds good to ears).  It’s a trend of throwing shoes at politician in order to protest. I am not going to get in to the argument, if it’s the right or wrong way to protest.  Neither have I ever thrown a shoe at any one nor got hit by one, so I will prefer to take the neutral side. Although in my point of view, in today’s time if I would be a politician I would prefer a shoe to be thrown at me than a stone or something else.

As long as I remember, this trend started on 14th December 2008, on the same day when my sister was born with only the difference in the year. Let me tell you she has nothing to do with the start of this trend. She loves her shoes a lot and I am sure she would not prefer it to throw at any one and at any cost. Then this trend continued and got spread like bird flu to different parts of world. An event which occurred in Iraq for the first time, took place in different countries like Europe, North America, India, China, Hongkong, Iran, Turkey and Australia with the change of characters within few years of time. I am not sure how many times the shoe hit the target and how many shoes got returned to their respective owners.

I am not aware why these events of “shoe throwing” took place in other countries, but in my country the frustration of some people against the corruption and bad governance came out in form of a shoe. It may not be a healthy trend, but it is something growing with time. When I was a kid, I learned that, “Pen is the biggest weapon in the world” and “words have enough power to bring a change”. But now Keyboard replaced pen as the biggest weapon. And I hope our next generations are not going to learn that, “Shoes have enough power to bring a change to this world”.

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The list of politicians in India who became target of that flying shoe in last couple of years is too long. So now a days the politicians in this part of the world, who think that the probability of them getting hit by a shoe that to be in a public place & infront of the eyes of cameras, is on higher side for them are taking all the necessary steps as precautions.

I know you people are thinking that, they must be wearing helmets during public rallies and press conferences. But you all wonderfoolful people they are more intelligent than us; that’s why they are leading us. They do not want to hide their face under the helmet, as they believe only through some innocent & fake expression and little bit aggression they can fool, the beautifoolful & wonderfoolful people of the world. So what these politicians of my country, oops I forgot to add the adjective of “intelligent” before their category. So here I go again, these intelligent politicians of my country decided that, the people who would sit in the front rows must keep their shows outside. I hope now you can realize, how much intelligent our leaders are. There new slogans are, “Keep your shoes outside, we will let you come inside” and one more “No shoe no tension”.

We all learned an idiom in our childhood- “Without the Bamboo, the flute can never be played”. We read it, our politicians applied it.

Yes, it’s good solution for sure. But is it an intelligent one? That’s the biggest question. They think that, to avoid this kind of situation again, they must cut the root. But does the root lies at the shoe. I do not think so. The root lies in much depth. This kind of decisions shows the narrow vision of our politicians. Rather than analyzing, why someone threw a shoe at one among them, even though he knew what would be the result of that event and what the person would have to go throw after that; and try to find a valid solution to that problem or to apologize for the mistake they made; they chose to target all the shoes, those innocent & gentle people of the front rows wearing. Here, I am not trying to justify this kind of event of throwing shoes at someone else in a civil society that to be in 21st century. But as I have said before I would prefer a shoe to be thrown at me than a stone.

I do not go to public rallies of politicians who are afraid of hitting by a shoe thrown at them. The simple reason for that, since my childhood I do not like to enter any place except temples, keeping my shoes outside. After all my shoes also have some self respect.

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I strongly believe that, rather than compelling others to keep their shoes outside while they come to meet these politicians; it would be much better for the politicians to keep the ego, the corruption, the wrong intentions and the narrow vision outside of their minds & offices. I am sure by doing that, they do not have to worry about the shoes of others.  

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