Thank you for that moment Sweet Heart

Posted on May 20, 2012


Our life is controlled by our destiny. Which God decides for us. We are only the puppets who work the way destiny wants us to do. Our success, our happiness, our failure our pain all are actually not the result of our deeds; it’s all destiny. Some may say there is nothing called destiny; I may not agree but I can’t disagree also. Destiny is an invisible force, which acts on each of us; and I can’t make it visible to give those people a proof that, something called destiny is there.

But if you believe in destiny, then hold back, have your coffee mug in your hand and I will take you down to the memory lane to experience one of those moment destiny had in store for you all. We all fall in love at least once in a life time. I can hear you saying to yourself, “Yes”.  Now try to remember when, where and with who did you fall in love for the first time; without thinking about what happened next or if that person was a right or wrong choice, if he/she betrayed you.

Forget everything other than that very moment where you for the first time came across that person without knowing anything about him; not his name, not his job, not even sure if you would fall in love with him/her. It was that moment when you met a person for the first time and got a feeling as he/she was the person you were waiting for; then with time you felt in love with that person. That day, that moment and that place would have made an inerasable mark in your memory. Some says it’s hard to forget that moment; I would say- no it’s not difficult rather no one really wants to forget that moment.

I am talking about one of those days of my life which is nothing other than another day in calendar, but for me it’s special & memorable. It was the day, when destiny gave me a chance to experience that beautiful moment. It was evening time; I had gone to a temple in my hometown for evening prayers. I was standing among hundred others and praying to God. On Tuesday and Saturday that temple is usually crowded; because some people, not some people actually many people believe that- those two days in a week, are the best day to visit any Goddess temple. The advantages of so many people believing so is that it increases the probability of young people who are singles meet their soul mate.

Now get back to the topic- I was praying to God, suddenly I saw a girl holding a diya (earthen lamp) in her hand standing by my side. It’s not that I had not seen her before. I must had seen her some hundreds time before during my young days, although I never felt the need of talking to her. I do not really know, from which direction wind was flowing that day or in which direction sun rose that day; but something was different that day. It would be more appropriate if I would say- that there was something different in that moment. It was a moment for me- “when guitar starts playing in ear, breeze flows heavily from the opposite direction , and a beautiful face appears in front of you. And the whole process makes heart beat faster and faster. “

But it was exam day; so like millions of other people – my priority was to get the blessings of god in forms of a higher percentage of mark than to give much importance to those people who were standing by my side. The funniest thing about we Indians are- we feel the need of God most when our result outs, we feel the need of our parents the most when our pocket money finishes and we feel the need of our friends the most when a girl dumps us. So after my prayers got over, I was about to come out of the temple I could hear a voice coming from backward direction and hitting my ear directly; and by which my heart got affected indirectly. The sweetness and charm in her voice had such a force that it pulled me in opposite direction. I turned back & saw that girl was standing in front of me this time without any diya in her hand. I hope, Might be she had not considered me as her God till then. I smiled and said “Hi” and to be honest I hardly remember what else I said to her. What I still remember is- that movement of her beautiful lips while she was telling me something, the glimpse of her beautiful face through those dark hairs falling on her face and her beautiful eyes getting closed with the kiss of the wind on them. It was one of those moments when a man has no way other than, just stand still & appreciate the beauty. It was not that- “I was thinking about what will happen tomorrow? Does she love me? Have I fallen in love with her? Is she the one for whom I was waiting?” Nothing was going through my mind during that time. I was just feeling as if someone had stroke a chord in my heart.

What did happen next? You must have that question in mind. But that’s not important. 

Life actually moves on too fast. I am no more that young boy- who was living in a small town, with lots of close friends, who could not even chose a shirt for himself without any of his family members, who was spending more time sitting at a roadside wall with friends than at home. From that road side dhaba’s chicken to KFC’s chicken, from that small tea stall to Café Coffee Day’s coffee; everything has changed. But neither time, nor money, nor success, nor failure, nor pain, nor fame has the power to take away these memories. That’s why I always believe, memories are beautiful & priceless.

Now do me a favor. Just close your eyes. Do not worry no one is seeing you. Now try to see that moment when you met your love for the first time with your eyes closed.

I can see a smile in your face now. Life is really beautiful …. And love is the only thing which makes it even more beautiful.