“If my son gets mercy killing..”- A mother’s appeal to the court

Posted on February 24, 2012


My friends always complain that, my blog contains sadness, frustration. I am going to agree with that. But I want to keep my blog real. I do not want to close my eyes, when I see someone is in pain, someone is sad, because I must try to spread smiles & happiness through my blog. Lots of wonderful writers are doing that in a much better way than me.  The biggest reality of life is that, many people are sad and many are in real pain, we need to open our eyes to see them. So I do not want to run away from those things. You may not like it, but today I am going to share something with you all, which is hurting me from past few days.

It was February 8th 2012. As usual, I was replying to comments on my blog. Suddenly one of my friends asked me, to check a link of a news channel’s website of my country. For first I was not sure, anything that is happening in my country is more important to me, than replying to the comments on my blog. Still I decided to take a look at it.

The first thing that came to my eyes was a photograph of an old lady feeding to a young man with her hand. That photograph alone was enough for me to change my priority. By then I realized that, there is something more important for me to do than to reply to you people’s comments.

After going through the whole article, I came to know that, in that picture that 64 years old lady, K Lakshmamma, is feeding to his 36 years old engineer son, who was paralyzed and became mentally unstable after a serious accident 15 years ago. This is not the end of the story. Let me go in to its detail. Actually 15years earlier, C Janardhan that 36 years old young man, who was an engineering student, was offered a job in Australia in 1997. He was hit by a truck while he was on his way to a city in India called Bangalore to get a visa. He was in coma for three months after the accident. Although he survived the fight between life & death, but the accident caused brain damage in addition to paralyses and loss of speech. Which in directly damaged a dream & career of a talented son, hope & aspiration of a mother from his son, and financial condition of a happy family.

I do not know why I am sharing this story with you all, even though I know I am doing nothing good by doing this to those two people who are completely alone, fighting with their destiny. May be I am writing this with the selfish intension, to get these thoughts out from my mind so that these thoughts will hurt me less.

That 64 years widow lady with her husband’s pension works in a farm, to meet their expenditure & her son’s medical expenses. Although by no means, that much amount is going to be sufficient to pay the medical bill also. In order to meet all these expenses K Lakshmamma sold her land and home also. Now they have nothing to sell.

So she filed a petition to the court saying, “I don’t know who will take care of him after my death. I can’t see him suffer any longer. If my son gets mercy killing, I can die in peace,”

That lady in a statement said that, failing health is the reason she was forced to approach the courts, seeking either help or euthanasia for her son. She even said, “If they can get him some medical help, we would be grateful. He cannot fend for himself and I won’t be around forever. So I asked if the government can help us. If they do, we will live. Otherwise I will put him to sleep and kill myself. What else can we do?”

Yes, it may not sound good to our ears. But it’s true. In the world where we live, where some of us busy searching for existence of life in another planet, where people spend million dollars to gift a car or home to their son/daughter on his/her 18th birth day; there lives a woman who want the death of his son, so that she would not have to see her son suffer. Believe me I am feeling ashamed while writing this part, because I also live in the same world, and the truth is that like everyone else I can’t do anything about it. Like each one of you I can do only one thing, that is to pray to god, because, it does not cost anything. But to be honest these kind of reality somehow takes away my belief in God. How can God do this to those two people?

I am an engineer, so I know what would be the situation of that young man, if he would not meet that accident that day. He would have been a millionaire (might be more than that), if he worked for that company in Australia, for 15 years as an engineer. But it’s all in the destiny.

I still do not know, why I am writing this whole story. I do not know what I want to achieve by writing this. I am not even sharing that link to send donation to those two people, because I know it will not make any change to their financial condition, as no one is going to donate anything. If I can’t have enough money to donate to those two people, how can I ask someone else to do it? 

I just wish God please show your power, do something good for those two people. Wake up and see those two people need your help badly…. Please God……..

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