Time to celebrate and thank you all…..

All the journey we cover in our lifetimes are not beautiful. But I started a journey on 22nd September 2011, which was beautiful. A journey which helped me to meet some really wonderful and talented people, a journey which helped me to grow as a person, a journey which made me realize that, it’s not good to stereotype people according to their nationality, religion or gender.

Yes I am talking about my journey in blogging world. On September 22nd, I gave birth to my blog (yes blogospehere is the only place, where a male can also give birth to a new life) with a post dedicated to my mother.  For first like every one else, I did not have much readers. I still remember the excitement, the joy and happiness of seeing a single like or comment on my posts. It was a different feeling to realize that, someone from a different corner of this world, like your thoughts. I still remember the happiness on my face- when Renee left those beautiful and inspiring words in my blog’s comment section. I still remember Melissas attempts to help me realize that, I am a writer. I still remember Darla and Lenore leaving those friendly and kind words for me; so that I could keep on writing without much caring about readers. I still remember Becky passing on an award to my blog to pass on some real inspiration. I still remember the first comment I got from Sir Charles on my comment box- whom I consider a true inspiration. Then slowly slowly the list started to grow. I love and respect each of you wonderful people whom I met through blogging. Now If I would mention each one of you, in order to say thank you; then the list would be a really long one. So when I am saying, “A big Thank You”; then believe me it was from bottom of my heart just for you.

When I first started writing, grammatical errors were the most integral part of my writing. But none of you ever complained about that; rather you people helped me to realize my own mistakes and let me to rectify them by my own. To be honest I do not feel ashamed about those mistakes, because as an intelligent person once said, “We do not need to feel ashamed committing a mistake while we are writing or speaking English as no one is perfect in foreign language”. So it  was a continuous process for me and the process still continues- to learn this art of writing and to grow as a writer with time. As a computer engineer- “Grammars hardly matters to us, but what matters to us is the Syntax.” But now I do realize the importance of grammar in writing. During my early days of blogging, I had a habit of writing “i” in stead of “I”, in the middle of a sentence when I had to refer myself. It was the real example of how things like SMS and status messages are polluting the English language. And one fine day- someone mentioned it to me in her comment on one of my posts and thanks to her, now I occasionally commit that mistake while I write. These are the small things, which help me to learn the process of writing. So thanks to all of you intelligent people, now I do realize that- one day I can be a writer.

During early days of blogging….. A day when I had no visitors to my blog!

Not many of my friends or family members have idea, that I have a blog. To be honest many have also no idea “What is this blogging all about?”. When my blog started getting some what little recognition, I tried to tell few of my dear people that, “Hey now I have a blog”. But the first question they asked was- “how much money are you earning from that?” By getting such a reply, I just smiled and realized why people say “in today’s world money is the one and only thing that matters”. Then I never bothered to tell someone about my blog again. So for first there were days, when I had no readers visiting my blog, no likes or comments to inspire me to write again. But slowly slowly I started receiving inspiration and motivation in form of your comments, which helped me to keep on writing.

The longest wait …… to welcome the 1000th visitor

The excitement of seeing my blog getting its 1000th visitor was something really special, which I can’t describe with words. May be I am not that good as a writer yet to express those moments with words. And let me tell you the journey from 999th visitors to 1000th visitors was a really long one.

It’s a fact that…..When God give, he give in large numbers!

Then after few months I reached the 10000th and few days earlier the 25k mark. Now my child is mature enough to take care of herself; so I am no more worried about her. I always wanted my child to grow by her own. So I never hit my blog URL without logging in, so that I could help the stat of my blog to change with my click. I am glad she could grow by her own.

A proud moment for a blogger- To see the number of visitors in five digit.

More than anything else I somehow feel proud of myself that- I could able to write more than 60000 words in past 9months of blogging. Although I do realize that among those words; some were meaningful and some were meaningless. :)

I believe that, there are two sides of a coin; so if a person loves money; then he has to accept and love two sides of the coin. So after blogging I started realizing if I am involve in any creative process then I have to accept both the positive words and negative words of my reader  until and unless they are not hurting. For me two sides of the coin(writing) which I love are my supporters and my critics; and honestly I love and respect both these groups of people. One group wants and inspires me to grow while the other helps and challenges me to grow.

Thank you for making me part of your search….. Some interesting Search terms people used to reach my blog!

Sometimes the search terms with which people enter my blog make me laugh out really loud and also sometimes astonish me. Sometimes when someone wants me to give her love song, it makes me feel special and when some one wants me to marry her in next birth, I just want to reply her with… “Sweet heart, I am still alive and single. So your wish can be fulfilled  in this birth too”. When someone mentions me with  “RomeoVedio” it makes me laugh and when someone asks in his search term “How Arindam got success in his life” it makes me realize that, there is someone who wants to see me successful but for now truth is something else and when someone types “Arvindam” instead of “Arindam”or reaches my blog with search term like  “broken lover boy” it makes me angry. :)

Still these are the moments, I do cherish and love. So thank you for supporting me, thanks for loving me, thanks for accepting me the way I am and not to forget thanks for inspiring me and motivating me not only to be good writer but also to be a good human being.

I know your support is unconditional. And I really do hope and wish that, you are going to keep on supporting me in this journey. I can’t give anything in return to the time you spend in “being Arindam”. I can only wish all the happiness, peace and success for you all wonderful people”.

I know as soon as you will finish reading this long post, you will type- “C”…. then “O”…. then “N”…. then “G”….. then “R”… and few other alphabets. So a big thank you once again in advance to you all. :)

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58 thoughts on “A blogger’s Journey from 1st post to the 100th…

  1. Like you, I don’t talk about my blog to anyone, and 99 percent of its readers are people I didn’t know when I started. Blogging is a great way to make real friends, connect with men and women all over the world, and work on our writing skills at the same time. But, to those not directly involved, it remains a mystery. You are a true success story, Arindam. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Thanks a lot Sir Charles. :) I am glad to hear that, I might not able to achieve, what you did, but at least I could able to do what you did when you were also new to blogosphere. :) Thanks a lot for being such a wonderful inspiration. You are a wonderful human being sir.

  2. I’m at post 99, so I understand how exciting this is! I started my blog last fall too!
    I’ve enjoyed your posts from the earliest days and wish you 100 more great entries as we continue our wordpress journeys!!

    • Thanks a lot Jean. Yes there are people who do not realize how much effort we all put in to our respective blogs. But still we are all going to do what we were doing since past few months. You are also a wonderful writer. Just keep on doing all the good work you always do in your blog.

  3. Arindam, I’m on summer break — but I noticed your pingback, and am so happy I clicked over! Yes — I do want to say congratulations. :) But also, I want to reiterate that you-are-a-writer. Hey, it’s practically a hobby of mine now, as you mentioned in your post. But let’s look at the evidence. You have hundreds of wonderful followers, you get visits to your blog every day, and you have written 60,000 words, in English, in a year! That’s amazing. You should be very proud.

    Writing is such a wonderful thing, and I am so happy you have made it to your 100th post. I wish for you the same thing you wished us readers: happiness, peace and success. :) Here’s to the next 100!

    • Melissa, I am really sorry that I disturbed you in between your summer break. But this post of mine could not ever be complete without thanking you. Thanks a lot for being such a wonderful wonderful ( this is not any typing mistake, I really mean it :) ) friend.

      You are simply awesome. And you are an inspiration for me. Currently, I have completed some 30% of my book; the day when I will complete it, for sure I am going to wait for your feedback. Thanks a lot Melissa for being there, whenever I needed your support in last few months. :)

    • Thanks a lot Becky. :) Yes, it’s a wonderful community of caring people for sure. Still let me thank you, for so caring and supportive when i was new to this blogosphere. Your support and feedback always means a lot to me. :)

  4. I am taking a long break from blogging as I am drowning with work – when i start to read a blog it leads me to another and another and i end up writing and then there is following and replying to comments. So one day I just stopped and as hard as it is I just don’t look at the e-mail notifications :) Not because don’t want to – but because I can’t resist reading more and more :)
    anyways, today your 100th post caught my eyes in passing and I just had to come here and read it and I am glad I did. congratulations on your wonderful journey.
    And I should say you have improved on your writing style quite a lot. well not style really you still write the same engaging posts. but your English has definitely has improved. there was nothing wrong with it to start with either :) but you have improved quite remarkably.
    the first post i read on this blog was a story about seeing a girl on a rainy day … it was a fantastic story :)
    I wish you all the best for the rest of the journey of your and your bloggy baby. I quite liked the way you describe it as giving birth … quite a nice analogy …
    may your baby grow more beautiful each day :)

    • Yes, I was missing your kind words in my blog for sure. I am glad you made your appearance on such an important day for me and my blog. :)
      Yes the post you mentioned about seeing a girl on a rainy day still got some hundred hits daily and I am glad you read it. It was one of my most favorite posts in my blog. I too hope that my baby will grow with time by its own Thank you Amira for all the support. I hope I do need to say that, your support means a lot to me. :)

  5. Like you, Arindam, I hit a low point in December. I decided that I am writing because I love to write. If the blog attracts followers, that is just icing on the cake. I’m glad I stuck with it as I’ve met many wonderful writers, cartoonists and illustrators thru this process.
    Continued success on your blog.

    • Yes Judy, that’s the attitude we all need to follow. We need to keep on writing with out caring about anything else as we love writing. And I am glad to hear that, you too met some really talented people in last few months. keep on doing the good works.
      And thanks a lot for all the good wishes and kind words Judy. These words mean a lot to me. :)

  6. Hartiest congrats….!!!!

    “As a computer engineer- “Grammars hardly matters to us, but what matters to us is the Syntax.”… that true… But now even I am realising the importance of grammar and the spellings tooo….

    Congrats once again,Looking forward for the wonderfull posts…..!! :)

    • Thank you Supriya. :)
      Yes I know as you are also a computer engineer, so you must have realized the difference of being a writer and a comp. Engineer.
      Thanks again for being so supportive, and I will try my best to improve with time as a writer. :)

  7. Your blog is a true success story. I do wish you congrats, Arindam on all the hard work you’ve put into creating such a wonderful blog. You should feel very proud! I don’t know what I’d do without this blogging community and meeting such great people, it’s made my life richer than I could’ve ever imagined. It is hard to tell my family why I value it so much. Most of them don’t know I even have a blog. Anyway, I wish you loads of success in the coming years!

    • Thanks a lot Darla. I have never told this before, but let me tell you I consider you as my blogging sister. You are one among those most talented yet kind human beings I have ever met in this blogosphere. And you are truly an inspiration for me. Thanks a lot for all the support Darla. Being Arindam could not ever reach where it is today without your support. So thanks a lot and please keep on inspiring me to reach new heights in this blogosphere. :)

  8. CONGRATULATIONS to your 100th. It’s an awesome milestone, esp. for us (before), who don’t post almost everyday. It took me a long while to reach it that it really felt like a large accomplishment. Arindam, you deserve every bit of recognition you get. Your words are powerful not to be read.

    • Thanks a lot Rommel. Yes, it took me almost 9 months to reach there. Sometimes, it is really difficult to keep up to our blogs; as time is a very crucial factor here. :) I am glad to hear that, you feel I deserve all the recognition I got.

  9. Thank YOU Arindam for writing and sharing your heart…YOU bring much inspiration, encouragement and ‘zest’ to me and I’m sure to many of your readers…as many have shared their thoughts here.
    I wish you continued success and abundant light, peace and energy for you and your lovely blog–
    You have done an awesome job raising her…;)

    • Let me thank you for all the unconditional support you always provide to my blog with your kind words and good wishes for me. I know we all fall short of time in our own lives, so a big thank you can never be enough in reply to the time you spend at my blog. Still “a big thank you” from the bottom of my heart. :) I am glad that, I could able to raise her perfectly. :)

  10. Congratulations! There! I got all the letters in. :) It’s been great to watch you and your blog grow. How different post 100 is from the very first, how much the experience has changed–from wondering if anyone stopped by, to reading comments every day. I’m the only blogger in my family, so they don’t really understand it so much. I guess we have our own community here in the blogosphere. Hi, Neighbor! Press on, Arindam, post 200 is just around the corner.

    • Ha! I am glad you got all the letters in Patti. :) You people helped both me and my blog grow. So thank you for that. You summarize the whole blogging experience with this beautifully written line “from wondering if anyone stopped by, to reading comments every day”. It’s so true.
      And yes we have our own community here. I consider this community as my extended family. And thank you for being such a nice neighbor. :)

  11. Congratulations, Just started to follow you but as a fairly new to the blogging experience it is so wonderful to see someone accomplish what you’ve accomplished and deserved to do so. It gives me inspiration to keep blogging on. Again, well done.

    • Thanks a lot Penny. Great to see you in my blog that to be on such a special occasion for me and my blog. :) You are going great with your blog. Looking forward to read more of your posts.

  12. CONGRATS!! That is quite the accomplishment!! I have 12 posts to go and I will hit 500 posts! That makes me feel old!! Lol. I love your direction, your care, and the warmth you inspire. And for a second language, your grammar is awe-inspiring. Thank you for being here. I am so glad you are. :-)

  13. My friend, I am right behind you – I have 6 more posts before I hit 100. Congrats on hitting that mark. You were one of the first regular readers on my blog. I’ve always loved getting your comments and encouragement. When your name pops up on my comments, it gives me a big smile as I know it will be something positive and uplifting. Keep up the great blogging, Arindam. Or is it ArVindam?? hehe

    • You may call whatever you wish Mj; as I know from my heart that you are calling me with love. :)
      Your blog is also about to reach this milestone. It’s great. what are the plans for the celebration. I hope it will be fun. :)

  14. Congratulations on your 100th. You have achieved so much in less than a year Arindam! I would never attempt to write a blog in a language that wasn’t my mother tongue, but you did and you have over 300 followers and your English is perfect now.

    WELL DONE my friend!

    • Thanks a lot Rosie. I would never attempt to walk such a long distance like you did. So somehow you inspire me to face the challenge which somehow looks impossible at a point of time. :) Keep on blessing me and I will try my best to grow with time.

    • Thanks a lot bro. :) This journey will always remain special. Thanks to the blogging I could meet people like you, who blessed me, who loved me and who helped me to grow as a person. Lots ad lots of good wishes for you bro. :)

  15. Congratulations!! Although I don’t have much time to visit these days, I love reading your blog. Your posts are always honest, heartfelt and inspiring. Looking forward to more great writing from you! :)

    • Thanks a lot for all these kind words. Yes, we all wish if we would have little bit extra time, so that we could spend few more hours reading other blogs. It’s always a pleasure of mine to see you in my blog. I am glad that you could reach this post. This is a special post for me. :)

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