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Just for fun…. How to get Freshly Pressed!

October 25, 2011


Every blogger has a desire to be in freshly pressed list. If someone is saying he/she does not has, then he/she is lying for sure. So i went through all the freshly pressed blogs and came with the conclusion “how to get freshly pressed“. So here i am putting those things in 10 steps- Hold […]

Blogs, Likes & Comments!!

October 23, 2011


Past few days I tried to write to the best of my ability. But I failed to attract bloggers to my expectation. So I started to analyze what went wrong. “Feeling”– I am really good at that. “Emotion”- again no chance that it’s missing in my previous blogs. “Content of my post”– It’s good enough […]

Being Controlled by Emotions !!!!

October 11, 2011


Few days earlier one of my friend was sharing his experience of his first love with us. Except me, all of my friends were listening to it as if they are watching a very famous romantic movie at free of cost. Actually I never enjoy listening to these stuffs. Because I feel some things in […]

My Sister …. She-Is-Star :)

October 8, 2011


Today is my sister’s birthday. Neither I can arrange a surprised party for her, nor can I gift her something which she will like the most, as I am far away from her. But what I can do is, I can wish her all the happiness in the world. But does a brother really need […]

Dedicated to my Mother :)

September 20, 2011


While sitting on one of my friend’s balcony, I saw a woman holding her child’s hand in one hand & his school bag in other taking him to his school. I just looked at the boy for few minutes. I don’t know how or why but it took me to 20years back. I felt as […]