Few words for all Perfect Women

Posted on March 9, 2018


Men are mostly immature, aimless, vulnerable, strong from outside but weaker inside. They love to flow in every direction randomly.

In the process never realize when they end up giving birth to a void inside their own souls and that with time fills with regrets, mistakes, loneliness.

Like a perfect twist in every story … during every such stage of life we man always need that very perfect woman by our side to make us stronger, focused, determined and U make us the better person with your love , care and trust . U fill that void in our soul… bring that pause in us to experience and embrace life with all good things it offer and give us strength to deal with things beyond our control. We love u … we trust u and we care for u when u r a mother… a sister or a girlfriend or even just a friend to us.

And we real man do not waste our time in proving that we men r stronger because we know in real u are… we real man do agree that any man do not hold the rights to rape, harass or even molest any one of your gender. We do blame your gender when we had a bad experience with someone, when someone betrays us from your gender. But it does not take much of a time to correct ourselves. Your belief on us make us believe on God and his offerings, your love for us makes us love life and whatever comes with it, your trust on us gives us confidence to let try one more time to reach our dream. U r strong…. U bring us to this world and nurture… U do sacrifice in order to provide to comfort us…. U love us give us a goal… U make us smile and teach us to bring smile to others…. U define the circle of a family and being that center grows its radius to embrace all relationship we value and people we love since childhood into …U dream, u aim, u set goals but u balance personal and professional life like no man can ever do…. We real man just always hope n wish u perfect women always keep on flying high …. #happywomensday #uneditedthoughts


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