Another year ends!!

Posted on September 20, 2013


I was writing my book, and as I am getting closer to last few pages of it my mind has started screwing up little bit. I logged into my WordPress account and it showed a picture of an award as a notification. I am no fool, so I did not waste my time guessing that might be I was freshly pressed today. No it’s not that getting freshly pressed is something that is not my destiny; but it’s just because I do not deserve it.


Then I wondered why that alert was still showing up on my account and after clicking on it I realized my blog has grown up a year older might not be stronger than before. Somehow I felt my love for my blog has faded. The excitement I had on its first anniversary was no more there. It was like when a person is in a relationship, he celebrates his girlfriend’s birthday with joy and after break up he remembers it with a glass of wine and after few more years it remains a day just like any other day.


But then something that keeps me and my blog connected. An invisible force still binds my virtual world to my real world through my blog. If not so, then why after so many day, today only I felt the need to login to my account. There are few things which we need to keep away from logic and facts, might be my bonding with my blog is one of them.

Two years earlier, sitting on a mat without any prior knowledge about blogging I opened this account with the help of a friend. Being a not so good Software Engineer, it did not take me more that couple of hours to figure out how things work. Then I met some wonderful and talented people and the journey was beautiful and it still is. Might be meeting these people from whom I learn more than I learn from people living around me in real world is my destiny.

But as one of most favorite romantic movie, my sassy girl ends with a dialogue that says-

“And as for the question of destiny, it can’t do alone… all I know is even when destiny really wants to accomplish something, it can’t do it alone. You still have to go to restaurant… you still have to show up… You still have to build a bridge to the one you love….”

These two years, things in me or around me did not change much for the people who meet me, who know me or even who think they know me. But when I look at myself, I feel things have changed a lot.

May be I am not as connected to my blog as I was a couple of years earlier… may be writing a book fascinates me more than writing a blog now. Still my blog would always stay close to my heart, after all this is the only place where I let my heart to speak. Sometimes long distance relationship works better and I believe this is that phase my blog and I are going through….

I hope next year I will remember when my blog was born…. Thanks everyone for such a wonderful 365 days in blogosphere last year and all your love and support. Love you all!!  🙂

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