When “I” meet “Myself” !!

Posted on August 23, 2013


Night comes and this beautiful planet, covers its belongings including us humans with a blanket. The sun that slides down from east to west passing through the clouds while playing hide & seek with us hides completely and allows us humans to rest. The birds start singing with the rhythm of silence of the night. The wind reaches my room dancing and tells a story in my ears as it enters my room through that half-open window glass. I then realize, now it’s the time to meet someone whom I can never meet in those crowded streets, in that brightness of day light.

Yes it’s that time of the nights I am talking about… when tired bodies of us humans rest in peace and allows our mind to hibernate for a while. It’s the time when majority of us prefers to close our eyes… and to dream, kiss and  make love.

I open the other half of my window to allow it to enter my room comfortably  I allow my soul to dance with that tune of silence  and to sing with those birds, those frogs without even knowing the lyrics.  It’s only then I try to fall in love with that  street that I see empty in front of my eyes; it’s only then I try to fall in love with that coldness of dew drops dissolving in my hand and making it wet. It’s when I fall in love with everything that nature offers us and I believe all of them have souls inside them… which are untouchable, unspeakable.

It’s only time, when I find “myself” in me. It is the time I ask that myself in me, “Who am I really?”

Every night I meet “myself” in that darkness of night, far away from that crowd, which I have to be part of every morning when the Sun again returns to my place from yours and again takes away the “myself” away from “me”.

The next day when the sun moves dancing over my head… I smile looking at the sky and realize that if  “myself” could not stay with me all the time … then its’ that “I” who have to walk this journey called life all alone.

I again smile looking at that innocent little girl walking with her mother holding her hands and start walking towards my destination. I turn my face to offer a gentle smile to an old man crossing the road, to a traffic police busy with his job, to a beautiful girl whom I meet for the first time. 

“I” and that “Smile” on my face walk until again that darkness of night, that silence of street, that moonlight, that empty field, that sky filled with stars again allow that “I” in me to meet “myself” and interact honestly.


Have that “I” in you ever met that “myself” in you? If yes, then what were the question you’ve asked him/her?

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