Race of dreams, hopes and needs!!!

Posted on June 12, 2013


Competition is something which I always hate. Does not matter if it was to decide who came first in the class during my schooling days or to get a job these days or to pull few people aside while entering one of my legs inside the local buses on busy Indian street.

When  2.5 billion other eyes watch you every second, when 2.5 billion legs run the race with a common goal to come first, when 1.25 billion minds apply their intelligence to beat you in the race…. Life does not seem easy for a common man who finds her body, heart mind and soul roaming across different location of a country called India.

I am no different. I too get irritated and tired easily while dealing with this trend of life like most of my countrymen. In a race only a person comes first, the remaining find themselves in the positions of losers. And when the race is among millions the happiness of the winner seems like a drop of water in front of the pain of millions of losers.


Hope (Photo credit: bitzcelt)

But as Mr. Barack Obama said like most of the other intelligent people in his victory speech, that “Hope is a wonderful thing.” Yes I agree. Ask any person who sleeps every night with a hope that tomorrow things may change for him and he may come up as a winner, ask an obsessed lover who looks at the moon every night at thinks that tomorrow his wait will be over and he is going to find his girl in his arms, ask a married couple who wait for their first child after years of their marriage and hope tomorrow God is going to listen to their prayer…. They will tell you what “hope” bring to their life.

I am dreamer; I do not have to think twice before accepting it. And a dreamer realizes the power of hope better than anyone else. When last time I appeared for an exam I had to compete with 1.7 million people to come in a list of first 356. When I look at the figure, I find out of only 2.1% of hopes are going to reach the end point and other 97.9% hopes are going to stay alive until they get another chance to compete in the race of hopes.

When I look at all these different scenarios of life, I realize why and how people of our planet came to conclusion while terming the phenomenon as “Survival of the fittest.”

I was a big believer of destiny. But then I realized it makes me weaker. I find biggest excuse of every failure I go through in those two words “destiny” and “luck”. Somehow I make something else accountable for my deeds instead of considering it as my defeat or my win.  Now I hardly look for excuses when I find myself running behind in any competition.

Few days back I came to know that, if I am going to write the best 3000 words of my life while competing with millions of others; then I may get a chance to work with a publishing house which is like  “dream come true” for every young writer of my country.

I know it’s not going to be a easy task for me like everyone else who is going to try his luck who is going to test his/her talent and skills; especially when I find words are not flowing out of my soul these days when I am pressing keys of my laptop and time is not allowing me to have a one to one session with my soul. But as people say, hope is a nice thing and let me hope that, I am going to write every word which does not only count but also creates an impact on the heart of a reader.

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