When words answer your questions

Posted on May 25, 2013


Do not we look for Inspiration in our daily lives; just like we look for few drops of love, a layer of care, a sense of respect inside our souls! Does not matter how much confident we look from outside, how much happy we seem to others; somehow deep inside we live with that fear of losing something precious; we live with that pain of being cheated by someone we love or lost from someone weaker.

No one knows, what a person hides behind his close eyes, behind that fake smile which he continuously keeps on his face just like a king wears that crown with fake ornaments. We do not have time to pause for a moment, to look in to someone else’s eyes and give him a hug without asking, “If everything is alright.

Sometimes words heal wounds of a person, take away his pain from him and inspire him to get ready for the next battle he has to face in life. When we find ourselves lonely in the crowd, when we fail to help others understand us with letting few words to come out from our mouths, when we do not see a hand of support touching us; we somehow start searching for those words of love and warmth, words of inspiration and motivation in those lines which someone has written with his labor of love.

I am not among those people who believe any book, song, movie or art has the credibility to change people. But yes as John paper once quoted, “Books don’t change people; paragraphs do, sometimes even sentences”; I too believe sometimes few sentences leave a mark in our souls which is erasable.

On May 29th I will be 28 years old. In these past 28 years of my life, I have done hundreds of mistakes, lost thousands times. Does not matter how small is it, “a win always gives birth to a winner and a lose always ends up making someone a loser”. Like everyone else, I too see millions of advises from different people coming my way, thousands of criticism from hundreds of people who have no such importance in my life crossing my path… but honestly speaking, they have hardly affected me.

I am not sure if I could not see the honesty in those criticism and advices… or those people could never see what I am made up of or how I should be molded and folded, so that I would take a better shape. Or else I could not see myself in that mirror rightly every time I appeared in front of it and lived with an illusion that “I am someone else.”

I too try to find happiness in words of those people whom I have not met yet… while reading their books. I too try to share pain of person, when I listen to his tunes or I murmur lyrics of a song… I too try to find myself in characters appeared on a big screen while watching a movie in a theater.

Sometimes, few words those characters speak or writers write…. Summarize life for me. They inspire me to follow my dream, they tell me that most of the times I was not wrong or few times they even make me realize that, I should not have done this.

Few days earlier, I went on to watch the movie, Life of pi.

Honestly speaking I could not find something extra ordinary in it until one of the characters delivers a dialogue just before the end title started rolling, which was- “But I’ve to believe it was more in other’s eyes than my own reflection staring back at me. I know it, I felt it. …. Even if I can’t prove it. You know I’ve left so much behind me my family, my property, my country, my girl friend… I suppose in the end the whole of life becomes an act of letting go. But what always hurts the most…is not taking a moment to say “Good Bye.

The movie ended, I came out of the theater and let me tell you, I hardly thought about either Pi, that young man who lives in each frame of that movie or that tiger which unintentionally answers few questions to pi which no one else could do for him before. I came out with these few words in my mind which somehow summarized my life so beautifully in very few lines. I never realized how and when those words dissolved in my soul and started flowing in my blood.

I am not sure if I am going to remember that movie, after few years. But yes, now onward I would not be shocked to see my reflection staring at me. I will not feel sorry about leaving behind my family, property, country or love for my dream. Somehow I have a feeling someday I am going to master the art of letting go; although I realize still today I am not good at this.

And yes most importantly, I will never forget to say “Goodbye” to all those people who love me, before letting them go.


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