Do Gods too have Facebook accounts!!

Posted on March 20, 2013



Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Facebook, USA, captured during the session ‘The Next Digital Experience’ at the Annual Meeting 2009 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 30, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I wonder, what was going on through Mark Zuckerberg’s mind while he thought of coming up with something like “Facebook”.  If I will go with the tag line and will take it for granted that the team that came up with it must have asked Mark, why and what was he creating, then as the tag line, “Helps you connect and share with the people in your life” suggests that the output he wanted was to connect every one virtually.

As a not so good software engineer I know that, before the development of any application the team follows few steps like,… making sure if the product they are going to develop is feasible or not… what are the requirements… who are going to be the end users … and the steps continues. But the motto is to give a valuable and profitable service to a specific group of people. So like everyone else Mark Zuckerberg must have thought of these issue thousand times, million times and billion times before giving birth to his brain child at such a young age.

But let me tell you, although he went on to become the successful creator of this trend setter web application. But let me tell you in his dreams also he would have never thought of one thing during all these processes involved in development of a application or software. Now you people must be wondering, what is that one thing I am talking about! Are not you?

Ok, let me reveal to you where mark Zuckerberg’s intelligence fall short to beat  intelligence of few people who are now turning pages every days to read faces of people whom they do not know in real world.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Nowadays, almost every day I get the notification in my Facebook account that, one of my friends has received the blessings of any specific god whom he has faith on. (Now please do not ask me how his God could be in his friend list, I have no idea about that.)  I also do not have any idea if all the millions of God we human has given birth to with our blind belief have they own Facebook accounts or not.)

Back to the story, from one friend to another and then to some other person… now hundreds of my friends receive God’s blessings in Facebook. Here I am talking about beliefs, religions, so to stay away from any controversy or not to hurt anyone’s sentiment I will lie and say I do not see any humor in it.

But do not you people think, by doing so we are not only making fun of ourselves but also we are making fun of that God, whom we respect, love and believe the most. Since my birth I have always seen God’s living in temples, mosques, churches and in Gurudwaras… I have never ever seen him living in Facebook pages. Since the day God could convince me that, there is a higher power which controls our lives, blesses us and punishes us; I realized God has only devotees not fans…. I always went on to his place to bend my knees, hold my two hands together and pray not to hit a like on his picture just with a smooth touch of finger on any keys.

These are small things that very clearly show where we are all heading towards. From our busy schedule, we could not find enough time to visit God’s place so we made him part of our virtual world by giving few small pages in “Facebook”.  I never got a single notification which says that, someone has sent his prayers to any specific god but many people do not mind getting those virtual blessings every day. Somehow intentionally or intentionally, we are either believing or acting of believing in that power with only one desire that is to get his powerful blessings.

It’s fine if living in a world of billions of people, we have to depend on another virtual world to find little bit of space to get all the happiness, peace and love they need in life. But can’t we Keep God away from this world and let him live somewhere in that world which he has created for us to live with love and togetherness. Why we are busy dragging him in to that world, which might not end in 2012, 2013, 2014 but the truth is that a virtual world where all these social networking sites resides does not actually exist!! And believe me, we do not need to seek help from NASA on checking existence of this virtual world!

Can’t we just stop liking God’s blessing! Can’t we stay happy being his devotee or follower instead of trying to be identified ourselves as his fans!


Wait for your turn when God will send you his friend request!! (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

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