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Posted on March 16, 2013


If you think, “I don’t like my job,” “I have not got enough money,” “I can’t find my perfect partner,” “I can’t pay my bills,” “I think I’m coming down with something,” “He or she does not appreciate me,” “I do not get along with my parents,” “My child is a problem,” “My life is a mess,” or “My marriage is in trouble,” then you attract more of those experiences.

Do not you people think Rhonda Byrne has written these lines so perfectly in her book “The Magic”! Negativity in how we think, how we speak or how we act…. Somehow pulls us in to that deep well of frustration and loneliness. Negativity in our attitude, our life style or even in our minds does not come from somewhere outside. Our thoughts, our fear, our greed and hunger to get every single thing we want, our insecurity…. all these aspects of our mind’s thought process gives birth to that negativity in us and then we by our own allow that negativity to spread its wings inside our body, mind and soul with time.

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English: Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder…. So it’s up to us now, if we want to appreciate what is there in front of our eyes or not. Similarly it can’t be wrong if we say that strength, peace and happiness lies in the mind… now it’s up to us how we want to make our lives. Can it ever be wrong, if I say “Beauty is how you see it and life is how you make it!”

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In past 27 years of my life, I have seen so many aspects of life. Few times I have walked in to malls or supermarkets without much  in my pocket. I am not that guy who likes to go for window shopping; but I needed to go for it just to give company to few of my close friends or relatives. If my presence means so much to my dear ones than I hardly find any reason to feel sad or disappointed.

If I remember it rightly then it’s been long since the last time I’ve complained about anything to anyone other than me. It does not mean that I’ve everything I desire with me; honestly I do not have most of the things I want in my life.  But then again no one can also take it away from me that I’ve everything I need in my life. I thank god that I do not have any credits associated with my name since my birth. And it helps me to feel proud of myself as an individual. I do not have to complain about anything as long as life is giving me reasons to feel proud and confident about myself. Yes I am a human, sometimes I do complain to myself about few things which I do not like being associated it. But it’s fair enough as long as it is helping me in improving myself without hurting anyone else.

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Have you ever seen a person who created a whole bunch problems for himself by his own, who do not have a dream which has the credibility in it to convince others that yes it’s a reachable one; and he is still happy with his life, he is satisfied with whatever little things he has in his life? If not, then let me tell you I am one among those few people who have no reasons to be happy but they really feel they are.

My logic is very simple, “There is always a tomorrow; so let me live another day happily and peacefully and that day is today. Tomorrow is going to give me few more reasons to be happy and let me tell you this word “tomorrow” hardly disappoints me.

Honestly, I do not think there is something called magic of living or magic of thinking. These are all terms created by few humans to make life look simpler to other humans. The real magic lies in our heart & soul and we can only feel it by the way we think and we live our lives.


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