“NOVE”- A term coined by me eight years earlier

Posted on March 14, 2013


This an engraving from Mechanics Magazine publ...

This an engraving from Mechanics Magazine published in London in 1824. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Engineering” is a term different people living in different countries interpret in different ways. But for us or it will be more appropriate to say for most of us (as few people are there in my country who still study seriously during the course of engineering and unfortunately they do not fall in to our category; and let me tell you their numbers  are same as those very few tigers still left in my country. So as you can guess both of them, are rare species now). For most of us, it was just fun; because we all knew no one among us would get a job due to those 47 chapters we were studying during our engineering days in four years. We hardly remember what people like Archimedes, Boyle, Newton or any other great man said. What we still remember are all those funny instances of life.

Deutsch: animierte Prinzip einer Foerderschnec...

Deutsch: animierte Prinzip einer Foerderschnecke oder auch Archimedesche Spirale genannt, mit einer Kugel zur Demonstration der Foerderbewegung. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes we hardly remember those three laws of Newton’s with explanations (While saying so, do not ever think that I do not know the definitions also;  I know just like I asked them to my dad during my schooldays, my own kid is going to ask them to me too. And I do not want to fail as a father when the time will come); but we never forget that same man had also said that, “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love”. Yes we all agree with him on this. Different aspects and necessities at different age make a person to fall in love. I still remember during student days, I coined a term “NOVE”; which means “Not lOVE”. And those day all of us had this habit of falling in NOVE too often. Few of my friends still use this term during conversations, mails or those silly status updates to confuse their girlfriends as if we are discussing some serious topics using codes like this. I really hope none of their girlfriends is reading my blog. If my own girlfriend does not read it; then I believe the probability of their girlfriends reading it is also on the lower side. (Is it not this wonderful that rather than mentioning any name, if we mention only girlfriend, we impress all those girls we know, who are more of girls than friends; because by doing so they feel like a person is referring to each one of them 😉 ).

But why am I discussing about those girls who don’t realize the worth of this blog. And you all wonderful people leave those girlfriends with their loved ones and let’s back to the topic “NOVE”. Now the funniest part is my friends never forget to mention in their Facebook comments that I am the father of this term “NOVE”. Although it seems like my biggest achievement till now but it also hurts me that no one has ever given me any award for this wonderful achievement of mine. But I know there will come a day where people are going to use this term a lot. Because today, most of the youth gets in to a relationship in which they have everything to share with each other except love. So I do not think after few years, they will not have much of a problem confessing it too. What if on valentine day, instead of saying I love you to each other and kissing under a green tree or looking at each other’s eyes through that light coming from a small candle; they will say “I NOVE YOU” and let’s start kissing each other.

It may seem unreal to many of you. But yes, that’s why I use this term “NOVE”, as an illusion of love; where other than those two people who are involve in that relationship, everyone thinks it’s only love and those two people can’t NIVE live without each other.

Do not feel afraid to use this word “NOVE” now onwards; as I’ve not copyrighted it yet. But never forget the man behind the birth of this term.

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