Oh Men! It’s Women’s Day!

Posted on March 9, 2013


It’s been long since the last time I’ve pressed the keys of my laptop to write something new. I am not really sure how much valid is the reason behind me deciding not to write anything for a certain period of time. After so many days when last night I opened that document which contains that story and characters those have been roaming constantly in my mind since last couple of years in form of my first fiction book. I realized the lead character, a sweet young man is still standing close to that girl after kissing her for the first time and now I’ve to set both of them free by moving the story forward. But the most honest boy and the most beautiful girl I could ever imagine have to wait for few more days until I will again start keying down the last few chapters of their life.

You people must be thinking, why am I telling you all this and wasting your precious time! But I think you are kind enough to allow me to waste few more time of yours until I will come to the point. Yes after I pressed that cross-bar at the right top of my document, I went on to sleep like any other usual day. Honestly, I am that guy who finds it difficult to remember his own girl friend’s birth day, so to except that I will remember today is women’s day is asking for too much.

But let me tell you why I respect that young guy, Mark Zuckerburg whose brainchild Facebook. It’s only because since the day I started using Facebook, it informs me the importance of every specific day; be it my girl friend’s birth day or rose day or even kiss day. I’ve grown up in an environment where we only knew two days those hold importance in our lives which were Republic Day and Independence Day of our country. And we used to believe any common day is good enough to kiss a person whom we love or to give a rose to beautiful girl to express our love. But as young people we used to gift roses to girl when they were cheapest in price. S just see being an Indian, how the financial status of our country played a vital role in deciding the day when we made our loved one felt special.

But the trend of our country is that, now the youth do not feel the need of going to even temples. Every day I see most of my friends receiving blessings from various Gods, just by liking their Facebook page. Thanks to Facebook, our Gods must be feeling like celebrities these days. But if both God and his E-devotees do not have any problem transmitting their devotions and blessings through electronic form; then who am I to raise a question on that!

So when I logged in to that beautiful book containing so many familiar and unfamiliar faces, I realized it was women’s day after seeing so many status messages. I did not bother to type that same line “Wishing happy women’s day to all beautiful women” just like my friends. I believe every woman in my life does not matter if she is my mother, sister, friend, girl friend or ex girlfriend realize that I do respect all the women irrespective of the fact that if she is beautiful or not, if I love her or not. So I did not feel I need to impress few beautiful faces by wishing them on a day which is dedicated to their gender.

Now after wasting few of minutes of my life in that precious virtual book called Facebook, I clicked on a link that took me to the website of a news channel which I visit every day to update myself what’s happening around me, so that I can score a high percentage of mark in the section current affairs of any competitive exam.

But on the morning of  women’s day there was a news which grabbed my attention although I knew it would not help me in scoring a single mark in any exam as it had not much of importance in neither the world economy nor world politics. Still I read the whole story and believe me when I say that, it gave me enough reasons to feel ashamed of myself being a human.

What I read was not only heart wrenching or shocking but also it was disappointing for each one of us as humans.

In 1996, a 16 year girl was abducted and raped by 42 men for almost 40days. And after two decades, a church in southern region of India has asked the gang rape victim and her relatives to stay away.

I do not want to get in to the whole story as I know that it will not change anything in the society if I will share whatever I read there. But it was unfair and inhuman. After the girl got raped, her family were not only socially boycotted by friends and close relatives but also were forced to move out of the town they had always lived in. And now after twenty years, when that victim’s father went up to thank the priest for praying for his family, he was reportedly advised not to attend church anymore till the controversy over his daughter’s rape settles. Now somehow it makes me feel ashamed that after twenty years of struggle, still that woman and her family have to go through all this.

Every time we talk about the world is one place and we all are humans. Few instances and events like these give us the wakeup call that, no there is another world lies inside this beautiful world we live in, which is not equally beautiful and are we all really humans!

I do not see there is any point in wishing few ladies we know on a specific day; whereas for rest of the days in a year, we behave and act like puppets having no heart when we see some kind of injustice is happening with those people who belong to that same gender.

After all I too realize, we all have to look for a high salary job, buy a big home, big car. We all have to sleep early so that we can give birth to our own babies and the next day morning we all have to start our respective jobs so that we can save enough money in our life time for our next generations to live a comfortable life. Now who have the time to think about, what is happening with someone else.

What we can do is that, we can wish few women we know, a very Happy Women’s Day using our cell phones message box or by updating our status message in any of the social networking sites we are part of!!

But is it really going to work for us as human in the long run? Is it going to change anything for that gender “Female”!  Neither I am asking these questions to myself or all of you here nor am I trying to find the answers. These unsolved questions having few complicated equations appeared billions of times in several parts of the words. But as I’ve said earlier, as humans these questions have lost their significance in that deep oceans of  our personal needs and demands from life.

 And these days, I too have went on to become an intelligent man; so let me take the easiest route to wish all the women I know …. that is with my words.

“A woman defines love to a man by making sure he will not miss his mother once he starts living alone being his girl friend… A woman defines respect to a man by waiting for him with empty stomach when he returns home on a full moon day just to worship him being his wife… A woman defines care to a man by waiting at the door step when he returns home from school being his mother…
A woman inspires a man to strive for excellence, fame, success, power and money being his lost love.
Thanks for bringing the love, support, inspiration, care and responsibility into our lives…
Happy Women’s Day!! :)”

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