Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 14, 2013



A thread of unconditional love that ties us together,

no matter how far we live… makes both of us feel connected and near.


An unavoidable ego that stops me from sending you a sms or to make you a call…

An insecure dream that does not allow me to keep you near…

With A fake a smile that hides my tear…

I still convince you and others….

That now you have no importance in my life dear.


You know, I too realize,

 How much we still mean to each other,

And I know, you realize,

We do not fall in to the genre of people,

Whom the world term as “A couple made for each other”.

But why to worry,

If nothing can stop us from

praying for each other,

Wishing for each other,

silently loving each other

 And occasionally missing each other….



Wishing you all a happy valentine day…. Life moves on too fast… and it never allows any of us to predict our future…. So enjoy every moment you spend with your dear ones….

Happy Valentine’s day

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