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Posted on January 13, 2013



What’s up! I’ve not written a single post  this year. So I thought, you people might have forgotten me.  I have achieved more than what I desired last year, through blogging. The only regret is that, I could never see myself in that freshly pressed list. But it was a fair call; so I accepted it whole heartily  But I am happy that my post based on a fictional love story “I too had a small love story” topped the Google search item list. It was a sample chapter of the novel I am writing currently. SO I am glad to receive such an overwhelming response on that post.

Even today I receive mails from my own countrymen, praising my work. And believe me it means a lot. And I have completed more than half of my first fictional book. So I am happy and satisfied. And if you have not read this post, then go and read it; so that through your feedback I can try to do necessary changes to my first fictional book. I’ve a feeling it’s going to change my life.

I am not going to be that much active in this blogosphere this year; as I have so many things to do this year. Starting from my first two novels to a short movie based on one of my most favorite story,  “Rebati” (Which is a short story based on a girl’s life).

So please send me your good wishes and blessing this year too. What if I am not going to active in this blogosphere; you people know how much I love and care for you.  Do not you!

Wishing you all the happiness my dear blogging friends and readers!



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