Forgive me, if I am hurting your Christmas Celebration!

Posted on December 25, 2012


I do not know how many of you have read my book; but if you have read it, then you must have read that chapter called “Power of streets”. If you have, then you must have known what I am talking about. If you have read it then, you must have been realizing why I say that not many celebrities much really care about what happens to their countrymen. And let me say you, unfortunately I was never wrong.

Yes might be people whom I know in the real world do not feel I am intelligent; but I am glad that people of my country have reacted the same way as I always wished and hoped. After a girl gang raped by six men, in front of her boy friend; we the people of India are now on streets. I am living in a different city, so I can’t join them; but I feel proud for what they are doing. We do not know that girl and its fine; but it makes me proud and somehow satisfied, when I think and realize that so many people are fighting for her. Some among those people might have registered their presence on streets for some selfish intentions, some of them are also reacting violently while they are protesting; but I am completely ignoring them and their behavior and intention. I am seeing a bigger picture here. For the first time since I was born in this country called India, I have seen so many people realizing the power of the street for a common reason which is “safety of women“. And I really appreciate it. I always knew the power of streets of India; but I am happy and satisfied that people of India are now realizing it.

It’s a protest that millions people of our country are doing. They are not coming out of their homes, offices, schools or colleges having any selfish intention in their hearts, bodies, minds or souls like reservation for minority or increase in salaries; but they are coming out to give women of this country a better and safe environment, where they can roam anywhere, anytime without any fear in them. And the best thing is that millions of young people are leading this protest without any leader. This shows somehow we all now do not have much faith in our leaders. And it’s a reality we all need to accept.

I do not know what will happen to that innocent girl in future. But every minute, every second I pray a better future for her. We all need to think what we would have done, if the same thing has happened to girlfriend of any of us, sisters of any of us, daughters of any of us or wife of any us. Even I want to say that, forget about every relationship, what if she is just a common girl like billions of other of this planet; won’t you fight for her, won’t you pray for her.

I know you must be celebrating your Christmas with your loved ones; but do me a favor and pray with me for that girl. I want to see her happy, healthy. She deserves it my friends. She has fought the battle till now all alone; now we must support her in whatever small way we can; may it be by keeping her in our prayers or protesting on street for her and millions of other women.

Merry Christmas to you all and your family; but honestly, more than celebrating I want you all to pray for her just for a minute with me. She needs to win this battle against those devils and what they did with her. Those devils  not only raped her but also us as humans and our humanity. And we have no rights to stay at our homes and celebrate Christmas in whatever country we are living in after something like this happen to an innocent girl, who also lives in the same planet. So we all need to try to bring back that humanity to our society.

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