A Game of “Fame”

Posted on December 16, 2012


Ask any young man of my country, what is that one and only thing which he wants from life? If he is like John Lennon, then his answer will be “Happy”; and if not then he would end up saying that, he wants Fame, money and success. In 21st century to find a person who believes in John Lennon’s ideology is very rare. In most of the cases, a young man’s answer will be famous; because he is intelligent enough to realize fame will bring the money and power with it; where as there is no guarantee money or power can offer fame to any person.

In India, majority of the youth get attract towards movie industry, music industry or cricket. When I chose specifically cricket instead of game or sport; you may raise the question, why? It’s simply because each one of us realizes cricket can offer that much fame and money; which no other sports can give to an Indian. When you ask a person who wants to enter the movie industry, what he wants to do in film. In major cases the answer would be either Actor or Actress. Again it’s because not many young people want to work in the background. In India, everyone knows what sells and what not; so all of us want to sell ourselves at the highest rate.

When India reached to the semi final of cricket world cup; a statement made by an infamous model reached to the headline of all news channels. Because, for the first time in India a girl dared to say that, she would pose nude if India would win the world cup. Things like this happen in other countries during soccer world cup. But in India it’s for the first time; as it’s completely against our culture and moral values. I can assure you that, it was not the reason behind India winning the world cup. Because that model used to hide a little part of her body in the videos she appeared before this event took place, although no one cared much about seeing her bare body. So watching her nude would have hardly matters to our players or to majority of the people living in this beautiful country. Still she got what she intended, while giving such a dreadful statement. She got that attention of people very easily by giving such a bold statement; although she never dared to appear nude, once India won the cup. 

Controversies are always considered as the easiest path towards fame. Many people choose that path; some choose to appear in public events with such a small dress that their inner wear would be caught in the camera  (which indirectly help them to hit the top of that “trending now” list in the name of wardrobe malfunction); some choose to go for nude photo shoot, some chose to spread false rumors, some choose to give unnecessary statement to stay in the news and the list goes on.

But the question arises, what made all of us so hungry for that fame and attention. Let me simplify it for you. The dictionary meaning of fame is, “The condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.”

But I wonder if someone is posing nude for a magazine is it a notable achievement. I hope somewhere we all are wrong with the way we are interpreting fame these days. We are somehow interpreting the word “Fame” in a wrong way or we are trying to achieve fame by doing cheap stuffs. To achieve something it sometimes take a whole life time; so how can someone get it within few minutes, few hours or in few days of his(her) life. Actually it’s our entire fault; we give unnecessary attention to those people who do not deserve it and help them live with the illusion as if they are famous. The day we will start ignoring people like them and stuffs they do; automatically the system will change. If people stop watching them, then the media will stop covering their stories. It’s a fact that media covers only those stories, which interests a large group of people.

There is nothing wrong in striving for fame, or trying to grab attention of others by doing right stuffs, by doing stuffs that will make us proud in one way or other.

I will not afraid to say, I too want to see myself as famous, not only because I want to be  recognized by others or appreciated by others for my work. But as I born and brought up in a country, where I have to live with, I have to compete with and to adjust with 1.2 billion other people all though my life. So I hope fame will make my voice Lauder, my presence brighter and will offer me a medium or platform by which my thoughts will transmit very clear. We all need money, and most of the people now have it with them. But I want fame; because, I want to speak to others, by not standing in the crowd, but standing on the stage with the microphone in my hand, so that people will remain silent and listen to my voice when I will try to make them realize our duty as humans, or I will try to convince them, what we are doing is wrong or will ask them for support for a specific cause. We live most of our lives as a common man like million others, shouting on the road for a right cause even though no one bothers listening to us. So if fame gives a person a platform to speak, a louder voice which will be audible to millions of other people; then there is nothing wrong in it.  But a person who gets it, need to use it properly. He should never feel afraid to speak the truth or to fight for the right cause. Fame is something people gift him without expecting anything in return; so a person need to realize it’s his duty and responsibility to try and bring change in lives of those people who have changed his life. Fame does not only mean, people running behind a person for autographs and photographs or facing the limelight all the time. 

We need to realize fame not only makes us one among millions, but also it brings some responsibility with it. We need to behave and act responsibly while we get a chance to live with that state of fame. Fame is temporary; we need to try to make the most out of it by using the attention in a good way.

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