I Wish and Hope: “Start caring about these innocent souls in animal skins

Posted on December 5, 2012





When I was 12 years old, seeing my sister doing so I too started giving food to  an old street dog , that used to roam outside our house. Then slowly slowly she felt like our home belongs to her too. So she started living there. After few months she gave birth to two cute puppies.

She died after a couple of years later; but by then her next generation were  comfortably settled outside our home. We did not have to do much for them, we just had to give them food during afternoon and night. And they were happy and healthy with that much. 

My mother is not an animal lover. May be as we had so many people living in our family, so never found the time to deal with creatures other than humans.

So my mom was not that much happy with us, allowing these animal to cross the border and to enter inside that area which is still part of our home. But unfortunately, she got married to a man who is a big lover of cats. Sometimes, I feel like my dad love our cats more than his own children. So by default, being wife of an animal lover, she too started seeing these animals as our family member.

The dog in the picture ‘Tommeey’, is the fourth generation of that street dog which we brought in to our home long time back. And just like my cat, my mom now likes him too. As you all know my mom was a teacher, who is now retired from her job. So every morning when she used to go to her school, Tommeey used to follow her seeing her walking alone. 

Let me share a small story with you all. Once there was a marriage reception going on in our neighborhood to which my mom was also invited. So when my mom went there, Tommeey followed her to that place too. But as no one allows street dogs to enter party hall. So my mom entered the place all alone. And after one hour when my mom came outside that place, she saw Tommeey was still waiting for her. 

My mom never told me, but I believe instances like this change a person perception towards other living creatures. Now “Tommey” is an old dog, who still follows all of us when we go outside our home. 

Now we have a cat, two dogs, and more than fifty pigeons living inside and outside our home with our family members.  And they are all free to do whatever they want.

And we as family, are really happy that whatever we have is sufficient to feed so many lives.


My Cat… Do not go by his innocent eyes!


Our Extended Family 🙂

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