Thank you for supporting “I Wish and Hope”

Posted on December 3, 2012


I am not a business person, neither I know the art of selling things. So I need to accept it. But it makes me really happy seeing that few of you have decided to buy my book.

I realize that, I am a person who started speaking English a language that’s neither my first nor my second language at the age of 18.  English is a language,  I am not blessed with since the moment I was born in this world unlike most of the people who born in the developed world. Still I practiced hard and I am still practicing it, so that one day I will be perfect. And I am not one among those brilliant students my country’s education system gives birth to; so to reach people living in different countries with my book is a big achievement for me for sure. I hardly care about money. But this time numbers do matter to me. So I am looking at that figure, which is showing how many people are buying my book. Because I want to reach as many people as possible with this book.

I do not know if I worth those 14.99$ you people are spending on buying my thoughts and although I would like to return my share of royalty to you if you people are not going to like my book. But as you all know it’s not possible. But yes, if you do not like my work then do tell me honestly (You can mail me), so that I will pass on that money to a person who is in need of that money and I believe he deserves it more than me as I could not live up to your expectation.

Although I want to earn as much as I can with this book; still your opinion are going to tell me if I worth your money or not.

And I am in talk with a “T-Shirt manufacturing company”, so that I will come up with T-Shirts with the cover of the book of “I wish and Hope”
on It.And I’ve asked them if they can transfer all my share of profit to any charitable organization which works for betterment of children in undeveloped countries. But it’s a long process. For that I’ve to show them the business of my book. Although I do not like to use the term “business”with any creative form. But it’s the real side of any creative process once the product building process gets over. So the numbers matter for sure.


And most importantly, as soon as you receive the book please do not forget me to send a picture of it. I am waiting to see a glimpse of my child. 🙂 And if you think it’s a good book then please do not forget to go back to my book’s page in amazon to give your feedback on it.

“If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. –Tennessee Williams

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