My FIrst Book “I Wish and Hope” – Now it’s available for sale

Posted on December 2, 2012



While I am typing this, my hands are trembling, my heart is beating faster and a tear of happiness is there in my eyes. More than anything else, it’s a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment. And I wish and hope you can guess the reason. Yes, at last my book is now for sale.  After 27 years of my life at last I could manage to do something which I always wanted to do.

Honestly, I do not consider myself as a writer in terms of the definition. But somehow in last one year of blogging I could convince myself that, yes I can write too. And the credit for this goes to you all. And I am saying this with all the honesty my parents blessed me with.

You people can guess how much you mean to me after hearing that, no one in my family or in friends knows that at last I have published a book of my own. And I wanted to let you people know about this first.

More than writing this book, it’s the process of editing which took almost 6 months. In those days I realized that publishing a book is just like giving birth to a child. And I can tell you nothing makes a person happier than seeing his child or his book arriving in this planet.

I think now it’s time to conclude this post, with link to my book’s page in Amazon, from where you can buy it (only if you want to). And if you decide to buy it, then please send me a picture of this book with you to my mail Id; so that I will get a glimpse of my book. I have to wait for a month to hold my own book in my hands.  I know it will be a long wait; still I’ve no other option available to me too.

 Link to my book @Amazon

And if you will like my book, then please do not forget to give your feedback on my book’s page in Amazon and do not forget to tell your neighbor, your grocery shop owner  your office staffs, traffic police at your place and every person who is in touch with you that  “I wish and Hope” is a good book.And if you will not like it then you can mail me at – 🙂

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