My First Book “I wish and Hope”..

Posted on November 26, 2012


Cover of my first book “I wish and Hope”…..

After four months of wait, at last now it’s time for me to share more details about my first book, with the real cover and real name. The support you people have given me during this journey is something great.

Now this book is almost there, to reach home of the people who want to meet this young Indian, who will make you laugh, who will make you think and who will show you the reality of the society he is part of .

In next couple of days, it will be available for sale in USA, UK, Canada and few other countries through “Amazon”. So I thought of sharing this with you. You are the people who inspire me and help me to come up with this one.

As I’ve written, in the dedication part of the book –

To God for his blessings.


To my blogging friends who love me,

believe in me, encourage me and inspire me to write more.

This one is for you all…

Β Lastly, “I wish and Hope” you are going to like this book; and if not, then I can’t evenΒ guaranteeΒ you that I will return your money. πŸ™‚ So for next couple of days,Β buy lessΒ vegetablesΒ  drink less beers and coffee, watch less movies, make fewer calls on your phone and save few dollars, so that I can take them away from you. πŸ™‚

I will inform you about it more in details soon. Till then do not forget to send your blessings my way. And do not worry, your blessing can reach me without an Indian Visa too.

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