“The Story of a Girl”

Posted on November 22, 2012


For the first time, few words coming your way which are not written by me. This poem is written by my 19 years old niece, “Neha“.

I just want to share these words of her with you all. For me this is a beautiful poem showing a real side of our society. I couldn’t believe how she could visualize all these at such a young age,   even though it has nothing to do with her real life experiences. I hope you are going to like this poem. And if you like it, do not forget send your words of blessings her way too. 🙂

The story of a girl 


Father & Son

This is the story of a girl aged five

Despite what she faced she was naïve

Her mother was beautiful; well that’s what she said

Her Daddy was tall, robust and was well bred.

She admired her Daddy for he was so handsome

But she was intimidated by him as he used to beat her Mum.

Day after day and night after night, he used to get drunk and beat her up

Her Mum however managed to cover all her bruises with make-up.

Then the girl grew. She was ten,

She hated her Dad and couldn’t bear the sight of him.

“We must run away, I hate him Mommy.”

“Don’t say that, he is after all your Daddy.”

Mommy said with conviction, “It’s going to be fine hon.”

But her Dad continued to bash her Mum.

When the girl turned eighteen her mother died.

Her last words were, “He’s all you have now. Take care of your Dad.”

As she lay the body of her beloved Mum on the pyre,

She had to act as the man of the house, for her Dad was too inebriated to light the pyre.

Determined to keep her promise and take care of her Dad,

She took up a job in a store owned by a Mr. Bard.

She worked in the day and read at night

She aspired to be like Charles Wright.

She washed her Dad’s clothes and cooked him dinner

HE spent her hard earned money on his vodka and beer.

Every night he invited over some blokes

She became the target of his cane and the subject of his jokes.

One day he caught her reading and set her books on fire and let them burn,

“Dad I want to go to college I needed those books”

“Oh you’ll go to hell just like your Mum.”

Her dark clouds finally found showed a silver lining,

When she met the man of her dreams in Bryan Riding.

HE was altruistic and benevolent unlike her Dad

His love for her was unconditional, he would love her till he breathed his last.

HE lived with his mother, a benign old lady

His father was in rehab owing to his addiction to brandy.

HE asked her to marry him to which she said yes

At last her life was going to be replete with bliss.

She went home to tell her Daddy the best news of her life

Her Daddy was waiting for her, in his hand was a knife

“If you intend to marry that man which you do

Just like I killed your Mum I’ll kill you too.”

She ran around the house trying to save her life

When he advanced towards her she snatched away the knife.

After throwing it out of the window she struggled for a while.

HE showered blows on her which she tried to evade,

Some with success and some in vain.

At last when she could not tolerate

She hit his head with a baseball bat and that damaged his brain.

HE lay there still in a pool of blood on the floor

“You’re not coming back Dad.” She was convinced as she headed towards the door.

She went to Bryan and on seeing her he remarked

“What on earth happened?”

She looked in the mirror. She was black and blue.

She replied placidly, “My Dad drinks too.”

Written by- Neha

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