Need, want and demand do changes!

Posted on November 19, 2012


As a kid, after performing my evening prayers, I used to pray god, “Please God bless me that I will never die”. It was a wish coming from heart of an innocent kid, who was enjoying every moment of his life with his family and friends and who used to believe life would always remain beautiful to him. And I am talking about those days when writing letter was the one and only mode of communication for us, Shakti-man (Indian Super Hero) was stronger for us than super heroes like Super-man, Bat-man or Spider-man,  every foreigner was rich in our thoughts and porn was not accessible to our youth.

Then like everyone else I too grew up to become a young man. That wish of staying alive forever got replaced with wishes like, “Hey God, please help me secure good grades in exams! Hey God give me a beautiful girlfriend! Hey God,  give me a chance to kiss her today! Hey God let no one sees us, if both of us agree to kiss each other! Hey God solve all the problems of my family!” and the list continues. God blessed me with few of those wishes and ignored few as they were not allowed in our society.

Nowadays if I am wishing anything from God then that is only money, money and plenty of money. I want to earn so much money in the next five to ten years of my life that, people who know me start believing that I have given them plenty of reasons to feel proud. I know when I talk about money; many intelligent people are going to say money is not all we want in life. But for me, it goes in the other way. Since the moment I started watching news channels, I attracted toward opposite sex,  I realized that every foreigner is not rich, I also realized that as a human death is inevitable  I had never ever cared much about money. There were two reasons behind it, either my needs were less or I was getting money from my family without even asking for it. Then there comes a phase in every person’s life, when he realizes importance of money. After all we are humans, not God or saints; who need a pair of clothes and a dozen of bananas or few apples to survive in this world. Might be those people live in less crowded places like inside a forest or on a hill; so they do not have to care about others. Then they do not keep the cell phone with them either; so they do not have to either answer or explain about something to others. But as normal humans we live in a place where we have to live with hundred of people, who judge you on your financial status, who respect us   due to the success we achieve in our profession.

There are days, when you pour hot tea inside a cup and it falls down and you have no other option left with you other than letting your mouth speak the words like, “What the F*ck!” while cleaning that layer of tea from your kitchen table. There are days, when you look at a street dog with a smiling face and he starts barking at you. There are days when your close friends let you know that, those girls who had crush on you during school or college lives are now their girlfriends. There are days, when your heart beats for a beautiful girl and you have to remain silent because she does deserve a more successful person than you. There are days when you do not realize that your cell phone battery has gone dry, because you no more feel its importance anymore and you want to throw it away.

When these kinds of things happen, it frustrates you. Those you want to ignore everything that goes around you; but you can’t. People everyday try to convince you are nothing other than a failure. With disappointment, you throw the pen on air and decide never to write again. But then you see there are still mails and comments are waiting for your reply on a short story which you wrote long time back. Then when you search for the reason, “how could these people reach one of your old post?”; you come to know that, “Link to your story, has found its place in the first page of Google search items when someone types ‘Short love story’ or ‘short love stories’. And what makes you happier is that Google thinks your small love story is good enough to come  first in that search items list, if someone searches for a ‘small love story’.”

When you try to share your happiness or pride with someone you realize it will not matter much to others; so you decide to remain silent and while rolling that pen in your hands you again start to think, “how can I earn money, money and more money”? 🙂

NB:- To all those people who have sent me mails and messages reading that love story, a big thank you from bottom of the heart. I am really sorry if I am late in replying to either your mails or comments. But sure your words make me happy and I do appreciate your feedback and I am going to make sure I will reply to all your words soon.

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