A Card Can Never Report A Kid’s Future

Posted on November 8, 2012


Are you married? Do you have kids? If not then have you ever thought about it? And if yes, then do they go to schools or colleges? Do they appear for exam and show their result sheet to you?

Report Card
I was really afraid of this, what about you? 😉

I know you people are thinking that, why am I asking all these silly questions to you? Yes now let me come to the point, what is the percentage of marks you expect your children to score in their exams? You want them to score 80, 90, 95 or 99.9%.

Few months earlier my niece appeared for board exam, and when the result came out I was really happy like few others in my family. She has scored 92%. But few others thought she would have scored higher. I thought to myself, “What! These people are mad or what”. So I told her not to give too much Importance to the criticism of others. As usual I suggested her to ask a simple question to that person whoever felt she did not score enough, which was “How much did you score in your board exam?” The moment I said this to her, my mom shouted from kitchen, “Do not listen to what dada (uncle) is saying? As always he is spoiling you people”.

I do not know if my niece has more faith on me or my mom and she implemented whose suggestion; but this story in our family somehow ended there. Although very few of my family members still live with the regret in their hearts (which occasionally comes out through their mouths) that,” she should have scored 10-12 Marks extra in Mathematics”. But it’s not the story of only our family; it’s actually story of thousands of families in my part of world. Most of the people believe that their kids are going to live their dreams and by doing so they unnecessarily foist extra burden on them.

An Education. By the way, How Much did you score Mom, Dad, Uncle, Auntie in your exams?   Please do not tell education during your time was not like this! 🙂

Most of the parents have never ever made their own parents proud with scoring  close to 90 percentage in exams; but still they expect their own kids to do it for them. And they never forget to give explanation about their own failure with statements like, “Our days were different; courses were tough then. But nowadays every tom, dick and harry scores 90%”. But what I want to say them is yes every Tom, Dick and Harry scores 90% but your own kid is neither Tom nor Dick nor Harry. He is a different individual who has his own limitation. Let him live his own life. Let him find his own path. Do not try to justify yourselves by considering time only. In all these years, neither the formulas of Algebra have changed nor the shape of triangles.

Hydrogen bond in water
How do two gases combine to form liquid?

Might be I do not deserve to say all these, because it’s been long time since the last time someone has considered me as a good student.  So when a person who never ever scored a ninety looks at all these issues, things look like this only. May be I am not as intelligent as you people are or may be unlike you all, I was not too interested in studying, what happened when two hydrogen atoms bond with one oxygen atom or if two gases hydrogen and oxygen combine how could they form a liquid in form of water.

Sometimes I even used to get confused with things like, “if current has both direction and magnitude; then why does we consider it as vector and the same doubt came to my mind when I started realizing the importance of time in a human’s life”. Then someone among you intelligent people told me that, “although both current and time appears to have direction, but actually they do not have; because they do not follow rules like commutative law, distributive law and associative law.” So I did not like so many illusions, which these concepts of physics were creating in my mind.

Still I am a human, who does not have much intelligence in him like most of you have. May be that helps me in realizing what goes through that small kid’s mind when he/she fails to live up to the expectations of his dear ones.

Then again in my country a throughout career of 60% is considered as a good one. People like me proudly describe it as “throughout First Class”. So if it is fine to score only sixty percent, then I wonder what these kids will do with those extra 30% marks. Yes, those thirty percent can help them to get admission in a good college. But this may also happen, that kid who do not score those thirty percent marks, has something in him which others do not have.

“When I was growing up, the exam system didn’t allow you to write fiction, so you never did.” – Roddy Doyle

Monjo School Kid
Please, Let me stay Innocent!

Now it’s up to the parents, which challenge do they want to take in life? If they want to find and nurture those unique and rare talents their kids have or to make their life hell by pushing them for those extra few marks.  We all know, after a point of time life takes away our innocence from us, but is it right for us to take it away from them much before the time!

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