Sandy and Nilam: Why do these names stand for!

Posted on November 2, 2012


October 29th, I went to sleep with the prayer for safety of all of you including my family members who are in US now. Our media did not fail to inform us that, Sandy was about to landfall that night. After seeing all those graphics created by our news channels showing how destructive sandy could be; we were all bit afraid and concerned at the same time. Although we knew our media has the habit of showing things beyond reality and closest to the highest level of Imagination. I was not sure if the people who created these graphics were the member of the same team who designed graphics for the movie 2012; but let me tell both of them were quite similar considering the level of destruction they depict on the television screen.

The next day morning when I woke up and the moment I switched on the television set and tuned to a news channel I came to know, Sandy was not a well-behaved kid as I predicted. But other than Sandy, I came to know that now we had to worry about our own unwanted guest; “Nilam”. It was about to hit us sometime during the next day.

During evening when my roommate returned, I told him “Do you know, Nilam is about to reach our place sometime soon”. Giving a shocking look he replied, “Who the hell Nilam is! Your ex-girlfriend or your new girlfriend?” For me this was not actually unexpected. I was  expecting such a reply from him, as since our childhood we were not aware of such trends, of naming hurricane, cyclone. So with a smiling face I replied, “No I am not that good of a person so that any of my EX would prefer to return to my life again nor was I drunk yesterday to fall in love again.

During the cyclone

So after seeing the curiosity in his eyes, I told him- “Do not be happy hearing that I have no such relationship with Nilam; so now you have a chance. By the way She is not a girl; it’s tropical cyclone on its way to reach us anytime”. Without much of a discussion on it, we had our dinner. Then in the darkness of night suddenly our power went off and the wind started to increase its speed. We realized Darling Nilam had started dancing to the tune of the nature in devastating mood. We were just hoping and praying it would not step in to our people’s homes or dance on our people’s heads. Fortunately it was not that destructive although its affect was there for more than 24 hours with heavy wind and rain and power failure. But fortunately, not much casualties has been reported yet.

But leaving all these, I do wonder why people give names like Sandy or Nilam to these destructive natural forces.

Heavy wind making the palm tree dance to its tune

As far as I Know, Nilam is a Persian word which means Blue Sapphire and this is mostly given as names to girls.

And talking about Sandy, I honestly do not know its meaning. But I come across this name when I meet few people of my country whose original names are like Sandip, Sandeep, Sandil or something which starts with Sand; but in order to sound cool those people prefer to be called as Sandy. Actually this is a trend which has started since last few years where most of the youth add a “Y” to half of their names given by their parents   (I am not sure if it’s the effect of globalization, modernization); because these days most of us believe our parents can never be right (As every generation believes it is more intelligent than the previous one and the next one).

By naming hurricane or cyclone with such names, I wonder do those people want to tell us or convince us that,  “No need to panic; just enjoy your time with these guests?” I believe the names should be like Dracula, dead-conda or something time Godzilla re-returns. Then it would have made us less confused about whether to welcome these uninvited guests or to battle them out while letting them go over our head.

Nilam’s effect on Roadside stalls

Does not matter, what the names are  or they affect which part of the world at the end of the day they hurt us, the humans and our properties. So let pray for  quick recovery of all those people whose life got affected due to these natural calamities.

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