Leaving for the sake of Living

Posted on October 24, 2012


Two people meet at a random place at a random time and fall in love. Life changes in a better way for both of them. Both these people inspire each other, help each other in filling that void in their respective lives. That love and respect which they hold for each other shine through their eyes.

The time starts flying making the journey beautiful for both. They enjoy the journey without giving much of contemplation about the destination. Both of them hardly sense necessity of other’s attention. The responsibility a relationship brings to a person with it somehow helps them in becoming better humans. They start seeing their own weaknesses with each other’s eyes; the trust in their relationship does not allow them to argue when one wants few good changes in the other person.

But what does happen when things unexpectedly change? If all these negative emotions in humans take control of the commitment and intensity involve  in that beautiful relationship that is when the real test as humans we have to give. It’s fair to accept that everything that starts well is not bound to end well. We can’t expect to live a manipulative life and react like robots instead of humans to our circumstances and situation by predicting the future and acting accordingly.

As human, it’s fair enough when two people feel the need to call off a relationship mid way or to break that bond which is created with the promise “Unbreakable and irresistible”. But how do we react with each other when we decide to break up is really important.

It’s fine to live the rest of the life with the acceptance that  “we were never made for each other”, but is it required to end things in such an approach that for the rest of our lives we have to make sure that, our life’s track will never bisect the other’s. May be the frustration and arrogance in us as humans takes away that maturity from us or I may say phases like these  brings that maturity to us to judge right and wrong considering situation of another human. I am not sure which of these beliefs of mine holds true.

Rather than accepting the truth that, “it’s not fault of any of them or it’s actually fault of both of them”; it is the feeling of rejection which hurts both of them. It’s not the reason one of them or both of them give which breaks a relation, but it’s the people involved in it who break it. The reason only gives an invalid explanation to create a valid impression that one among them is wrong.

We all realize importance of love in our lives and most of us will accept that at least once things did not work the way we expected it. But I do wonder how many of us realize that the importance of ending a relationship is also equally important to us.

We all have one life to live. If to go by with beliefs, then none of us knows by wearing which animal, bird or human skin he/she is going to rebirth in this planet. So how to live rest of the life playing hide and seek with those people who had so much importance in our lives once up on a time. For the rest of the life, both of them find it difficult to present at a common friends function or even common friends friend list in a social networking site. Both of them make sure their name will never appear in front of them when they are with others. And the list goes on and on…

As mature people, we sometime react and do stuffs like kid and funniest part is we try to justify ourselves and our behaviors. But there are some emotions, where logic can’t be applied and there are some situations, which is better to be avoided. Is not it!!

“Leaving someone’s hand smoothly when he/she decided to walk alone is equally important as holding his/her hand tightly when he/she decided to walk with you; so that it will not hurt him/her. “

PS: Have you ever left someone’s hand in midway, if so then it was a smooth one or the other way? 🙂

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