“Wait and Work” !!

Posted on October 15, 2012


Yesterday evening, one of my childhood friends called me after two years. His relationship status in Facebook shows as married. So within next few minutes after I received the call, like most of the newly married people  he started praising his wife. Although I was least interested in hearing those words which my bachelor mind finds really boring, still I had to pretend as if I was listening to him by saying “yes”, in between conversation while my cell phone was in hand-free mode. After sometime when he realized by his own that, he was talking to himself; he asked me an important question, “When are you going to get married?” I responded with nothing other than “in next couple of years”. Then as expected he asked “You want my kid to dance in your marriage or what?” And as always my reply was, “Yes, that’s the plan!”

Now the reason behind sharing this story with you all is- by experiencing things like these I wonder, “why the hell we all are so impatient about everything we want from life”. After a point of time we need to realize that, things happen when the time and circumstances approve it. May be these words of wisdom do not suit me as I had been an impatient person since my birth. Patience was something which had never found its place in my life’s dictionary. I used to live my life in the first forward mode. I used to expect answer in either yes or no; as I knew another answer would compel me to value the clock and the time it shows more. Since my birth if I needed something, I used to ask my parents, “You people are going to buy it for me or not. Yes or No! ” I have never liked ticking on the date in a calendar to mark something specific is going to happen on a specific day. Might be that’s why I find it difficult to remember birthdays of my family members and friends. “Wait” was one word which I used to simply hate.

Then when I’ve grown up in to a good-looking young man, I felt that I have a heart which could bit faster than normal. No please do not think I am talking about a day when I had fever and someone was checking my pulse. I am talking about those days when a young man’s heart beats faster sounding like “dhak dhak dhak dhak… dhakdhakdhakdhakdhak…. n times (where “n” is directly or indirectly proportional to reaction of that beautiful girl who appeared for the first time before that young man)” instead of sounding like “dhak… pause… dhakkkk… pause…. dhakkkkkkkk”. When my heart started beating faster for the first time seeing a beautiful girl; without waiting I answered to myself “Hey I found my love of life”. And within a couple of days, my love of life had to answer me if she also found her love of life or not. This one is just the craziest example of how much I used to hate the word wait. But honestly, that process of heart beating faster is still continues; but I never ever tried to challenge the time again in my life. I learnt that there are some things which time can only tell us, there us some wounds time can only heal and there are some void which time can only fill.

Most of the times people say “Patience is the key to success.” I have no valid proof with me to prove them right; but as I am not successful and I have never realized  the value of patience. So they might be right. Now let’s do not get in to searching for that key to success. Every motivational speaker has his own key to unlock the door that takes a person to a space which creates illusion of “Success”. And every person’s door to success waits for him at such a direction that no one else can ever find it for him; so forget about someone else giving you that key.

But for the first time, I’ve shown some character by being patiently waiting for  something to happen. From past three months, I have worked on my book and I am still not tired of it. I just kept on writing… writing and writing more. A book which was of twenty chapters ended with forty chapters. What I have learned during this process is that, “Patience comes to a person easily, when he enjoys the process and passionately works towards his goal.”

When I write something in my blog, I hit the publish button the moment I finish writing something, without either running the spell check or proof read. Honestly, I do realize I need to hold on for few minutes to make sure it’s error free. But the manufacturing defect in me, which lacks patience, take my finger to that publish button and without letting me know presses it.  But yes these days, I can feel there is a force which provides me patience. This force is nothing other than the eagerness to learn something new, the satisfaction to being part of a process to create something original, the maturity to realize nothing comes for easy and most importantly someone is going to pay for my work this time.

During the birth process of a child, a mother has to walk with her child, sleep with her child, eat something which she does not like just for the sake of the health of her child for 9 months ( I hope I am right about the duration) before she delivers her baby.  Leaving everything behind, what is wonderful is that, she does not even expect anything from her child. She does not pray to God to give birth to a child who is going to top school, college or university; she does not wish to give birth to a child who is going to solve all financial, personal problems of her. She expects nothing and does everything to nourish that life which finds its place within the protective layer of her body. When the child comes out of her body and cries; the mother feels the pain of nine months worth it.

May be through this birth process of a baby God gives us a lesson, “Hold on pupil! Try to be patient. Enjoy and value the process you are part of without having any expectation.”  So for the first time I have not rushed in to something. I took my time to make sure my book would be error free just like a mother gives birth to a healthy child. Still sometimes things can go in the other way for a mother. She fails to deliver her child. She cries. She regrets that, she could never hold her own child in her arms. She feels she is the culprit. She feels ashamed of herself when she interacts with others. But time heals all wounds. So again she tries to feel that emptiness of her life by going through the process, and tries to act strong leaving that painful experience behind. And she comes out as a winner, holding on her baby with a smiling face she asks her husband “Does she look like you or me?”

So do what you enjoy doing. Some people choose paths in which it’s difficult to find the company. And some paths are not so smooth, so it takes time to reach the destination. And there lies importance of patience. 

Wait …. one day life is going to unfold everything that you deserve not desire. So work hard to convince life that you deserve more that what it has in store for you.

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