A letter to my Grandfather, who was not part of my childhood!

Posted on August 27, 2012


I have no memories of my grandfather with me; He died when I was just one year old. I can only imagine his presence, his personality, his voice, his elegance while looking at that photograph, before which I sometimes stand holding my two hands together while seeking his blessing. I know I can never talk to him, in my life time; but what I can do I can put all my thoughts in form of words in a letter which I am going to write specially for my grandfather. I know when words come from heart, it always reach to the place where they were intended.



Respected Dada, (In our family we call our grandfather as ‘Dada’) 

As a grandfather, you were not there for me to bless me when I went for exams or interviews. You were not there, when I needed something and no one else bothered to buy it for me. You were not there to support me, when I committed few mistakes of my life Even though you were a writer with such a vast knowledge in English; I never got the chance to ask for your suggestion while presenting you the first draft of anything I write. Things would have been different, if you were here to edit my first book. You know that, while writing something your grandson’s grammar sometimes go for ride and I know you had a great hold at this language. So it would not have been a difficult task for you to help me learn how and when to change gears in writing with proper use of verbs. 

Your kids, very proudly do let us know that, their father had written a dictionary, from English, the language of the people across the world speak to Oriya, the language people whom we meet every day speak. But sadly, it could never able to see the light of the day. And you did not even leave a single copy for us, to try and help it in getting the appreciation it deserves. Now when we proudly share our lost glory with someone, he actually laughs at us while making fun of us. I know it hurts you; but it’s your entire fault; you did not leave any proof for us. In this selfish world you choose to give a land to a jewellery shop owner at the center of the town we live, while buying your own land near to a river.

But please let me tell you that, they are now very rich people who hardly remember your contribution in their success, And again the garden, with lots of mango trees which you gifted us to store our childhood memories is no more there for your sons to gift their grandsons to store their childhood memories. And I hope you know why it happened and how it happened. You were the one, who taught his children to have faith and belief in their own relatives. And they were good students, so they learnt everything from you; but when your sons applied these lessons given by you in real life, they ended up in the losing side. They did it wrong by having belief in the person who was one among your closest relatives and lost all the properties of yours. That’s why I do believe, there are some thoughts and lessons, which always looks nice on paper; not when a person applies them in the real cruel world.

But Dada (I used to call my grandfather, Dada), still no complain from our side. We are happy being the grandson of a man, who achieved everything in his life by his own. We love you for the way you were. I heard from my parents that, you used to love food (and I can guess that, after reading your book) and all your grand children except me inherited that quality of yours from you. But maybe I inherited something from you which is much more precious.

A book written by my grandfather in my mother tongue “Oriya”.

Lastly, Thank you for leaving something for me and our next generations to feel your presence and blessing; while holding this book in our hands… Bless someone of our family who can bring back that lost glory and who will again help us to realize the power a Surname offers to a person….. DO bless us! Because it’s something no one can ever take away from us.

And please, do give us the strength to leave a legacy of our own again for the generations to follow. But yes this time we are going to make sure, the generation to follow will be capable of holding on to it and we will not let someone else to take it away from us. I knew you had your share of sadness and regrets just like I have. I can realize how much painful it must been for you to see , one of your most favorite 17 years old son was no more, that to be at such a young age. I do know why it was so painful for you, because he was the most loving and responsible among all of your kids.  But dada, you should have fought with your destiny. I know it’s not easy, but not impossible also. I may not assure you, but I will try my best with in my limitations to bring back that lost glory. I know it will take time, as I am aiming high just like you did at some point of time of your life. Do bless me that, I can protect my dreams from not only others but also from circumstances life sometimes offers, while walking towards it.

                                  Straight from the heart of,

                                      Your youngest Grandson “Arindam”.





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