Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

If you have not shared your thought on “what will be the one change you want to see in this world?” Then share it in the comment section of my last post… I will love to hear, what you have to say! So go and speak with a louder voice, so that the whole world can listen what you have to say! :)

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43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

  1. As always, all your photos are stunning, but there’s something about that first photo. The colors? The geometric design? I actually think it’s the yellow banners? that make the contrast so stunning. Wonderful job.

    • Thanks a lot Barb. I am glad, I could merge that yellow building with that advertisement frame. I am still waiting for your thought on my last post. :)

  2. lovely photos, vivid colours, almost play tricks on the eye! the one change i would like to see is awareness that we are all the one being, no separation into this and that, then compassion and understanding will flow around the world :)

  3. the first photograph is very nice. the symmetry of the iron grid against the asymmetry and chaos of the background is stunning! I will come over soon and leave my wish on the change I wish to see in this world. :)

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