Bless me by Sharing a thought for my first “BOOK”!!

Posted on August 16, 2012


As, you all know now I am on a mission which is of “publishing my first book”.

So in the end part, I am trying to share thoughts of everyone who want to see a change in this world, in the society, in family life or it might be in each of us as human?

So if you can then answer (With in 1-10lines)  a simple question in the comment section

if one day, God will bless you to change only one thing in this planet, What will be it?

Share your view, on the change you want to see in this world in the comment section,  I will make it part of my first book with a section “Changes we want to see in this world” (if you  want then, I will share only view without your name. Just let me know that, you want to share your thought as anonymous)  . It will be like sending your good wishes and blessings my way, which I am going to keep with me, for a long time with this book..

Here is mine

The change I want to see would be

“A young man in his/her family will replace, The stick in every old man/old woman’s hand to support him and just to make him feel that he/she is still important to someone in this world.”

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(A picture from my upcoming book)

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